Wizarding World Crate March 2017 Review + Coupon

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J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate from Loot Crate is the new bi-monthly and official Harry Potter subscription. For $34.99 every other month, you’ll get 5-7 unique and officially licensed Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise, so there’s no need to go to Diagon Alley!

This crate is in “Muggle Worthy” mode.

DEAL: Save 10% on the entire length of your subscription! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

The information card arrives as a sealed scroll!

The scroll tells you how magical this month’s items are – the stars denote that the items are exclusive to the box! Each item is an exclusive this month.

I thought the back was cute too and am thinking about reusing our scroll for a scrapbook!

All the magical loot in the March/April 2017 box!

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Pin: Every wizard at Hogwarts needs sorted and of course that’s the job of the sorting hat.

You can get sorted at Pottermore if you don’t know your house.  Much to my eternal chagrin and my kids’ delight, it sorted both me & my husband into Slytherin. My son is in Ravenclaw and that’s what we selected as the house for our subscription.

You can see the spoilers for all the houses here.

Hogwarts House Beanie – Ravenclaw: And before we get started on the items in the box, the raven in the room is that some have complained that the house insignia is based on the movies and not the books so the Ravenclaw crest is a raven and not an eagle and the colors are blue and silver.

Otherwise this beanie is great for lasting out the rest of this frigid winter with a cute unisex design that’s plenty large for even a Hagrid sized head (ok not really in that last bit I just wanted to write that).

How does one get to Hogwarts? On the Hogwarts Express, naturally! It’s located on platform 9¾. [We just got back, it was SO wonderful!]

Hogwarts Express Lanyard: This lanyard hold your ticket! It also has a great Hogwarts crest! For safety it has a breakaway tab at the back of the neck (and this is how ALL lanyards at the major theme parks are sold).

A bit of a closer look. Perfect for holding your subway pass or a trip to a theme park.

The other side shows the express.

The lanyard strap is double sided.

The reverse is the crest.

Hogwarts Raglan: Also included was a Hogwarts 4 house ¾ sleeve raglan shirt.

The motto btw means Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon. Truer words have never been spoken.

This shirt is great quality! It’s nice and soft and the printing is top notch. We get it in an XS for our 8 year old (who is slightly irked that we didn’t get 2 boxes – she’s a Hufflepuff).

Hogwarts House Duffle Bag – Ravenclaw: The final item is a fun duffle bag in your house colors with quite a large patch sewn on the front. The bag is about 15.5″ long and 8 ¾ in diameter – the insignia is 5.5″ tall.

The handles have a nice covering where you hold them and the inside is lined with nylon for easy cleanup. I would call the quality on the higher end for a promotional item – that is that it’s nice and you might see something like this in Hot Topic but not at Wizarding World. I was more than pleased with it and it will hold lots of quidditch gear.

I thought this was a fantastic box! We were really pleased with the house specific items – useful for anyone young or old and I really liked that there were a few items in the box that were Hogwarts & Express themed too. Valuewise, having just returned from Wizarding World at Universal Studios, you’d pay about $100 for similar items (beanie $22, lanyard $11, pin $10, shirt $27, bag $25+). I wouldn’t say that the quality is exactly the same as the most premium items, but I’m more than happy with this box!

Visit J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World to subscribe or find out more and check out the spoilers for the next Wizarding World Crate!


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  • Crystal Rose

    I’m pretty happy with the majority of items in my box but I did receive the wrong size for my shirt. I’ve sent them a message about it tonight. Now I’m just waiting to hear back.

  • Jenny

    I’m with her Hufflepuff all the way

    • Brandy

      I am not sure I really get HufflePuff but I totally get that you are! Bwahahahha in all seriousness I am going to pick up a house hairbow for her from Etsy. I think someone that was so moved could totally pull off a tween girl Potter inspired monthly box, maybe bimonthly.