Whiskerbox March 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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WhiskerBox is a themed monthly cat subscription box that features artisanal luxury items for your kitty. Four to six premium items are included which can be “stylish apparel, stimulating toys, scrumptious treats, and one-of-a-kind treasures from around the world.” Discerning felines with dietary needs can opt for non-edible items. A short profile is filled out at checkout including cat’s name, gender, weight, and if treats are to be included. WhiskerBox supports shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries with each box purchased.  The luxury kitty box ships free to the United States and Canada.

WhiskerBox items are tested by feline lifestyle experts. Smokey, the head feline lifestyle expert, was a stray rescued by his humans at eight weeks old. My kitties think that is a cool job!

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WhiskerBox sends toys, cat couture, treats, and specialty products each month.

This is my, or rather my kitties, first WhiskerBox!

The March theme is “Meowsters in Disguise.” My cats’ names are listed on the card. Zoey is a 6-year-old mackerel tabby and Sunny is a 7-month-old orange tabby and they are both female cats that we adopted from our local animal shelter.

The Meow Menu is a delightful information card set up as a menu. The prices reflect retail plus shipping because WhiskerBox includes products not available in local shops.

Here are the items in the March WhiskerBox! One of our Build-A-Bears stood in as a cat body double for this picture.

This was my first time trying to photograph my kitties and Sunny, especially, doesn’t ever seem to stop moving.

This little Life Saver wasn’t on the card, just a little treat for me.

Our first menu selection is PLAY.

Notso Kitty Mustache Print Catnip Kicker ($3) I couldn’t find this exact print but there were a few different choices on this Etsy boutique’s site. This is a cotton print fabric tube filled with organic catnip and poly fiberfill. My cats loved it and I found Zoey with it in her paw. Either she has very flexible paws or maybe it was just stuck to her claw but she looked like she was holding it while she licked it, like a kitty popsicle. Both of my cats liked licking it, which made it look green in the wet spots.

Hey, you done with that yet?

Please??? It’s my turn now. C’mon!

Why’s it all wet? Never mind.

The second menu selection is TASTE.

Weruva Green Eggs & Chicken Super Luxe Cat Food ($1.25) I was confused because this cat food smelled better than some canned soups I have opened in the past. Shredded chicken swims in a sauce that has peas and eggs.

For whatever reason, Zoey refuses to eat canned food so Sunny got to enjoy this all by herself.

Our cats have only been with us for one month but we have discovered that they LOVE snacks. (They are also addicted to cat nip, but I digress.) Omega Paw Meowmosa Treats ($3.84) were a hit, and salmon is the first ingredient.

Sunny loved these treats!

It’s time for the STYLE portion. Cats in costumes. What a blast!

Dinosaur Costume by Cat Couture (card says $45, we estimate ~$30 retail) The material is plush and the size says large on the inner, unbranded tag. I sat it next to the computer to blog about and Sunny is currently napping on it so I think she likes it!

We had to gently ease Sunny in, one side at a time. We started when she was still woozy from her nap.

Oh man, this is looking pretty cute.


Ok, I’m awake now. What am I supposed to do?

Oh yeah, pose prettily and smile for the camera!

We tried putting the costume on our big cat but it was too small, and we had to roll up the cuffs for Sunny. She moved slowly when she had the costume on.

Notso Kitty 3-D Glasses ($6) are made of felt with cellophane lenses and a stretchy band to keep it in place for photo opportunities.

Here’s the huggable Zoey wearing the 3-D glasses while Karina holds her.

Here’s Sunny destroying the 3-D glasses. She’s in a destructive phase right now.

Now on to more cute cat pictures for your viewing pleasure.

What’s up with this?

I am Godzilla Kitty, beware!

Gimme more treats, please!

What are you looking at, Build-A-Bear?

I smell something. Something that makes me go CRAZY!


You’ve had it long enough. My turn!

Um, ok. Come and take it!

My cats enjoyed their very first WhiskerBox, plus my family had fun dressing up the cats, which wasn’t as fraught with peril as I expected it to be. The treats and catnip kicker were the most popular items in the box and will get the most use. According to the card, my products were worth $71, although I priced them at around $45 not including shipping. I think WhiskerBox is a great choice for cats who want to dress up, discover unique toys, and enjoy delectable treats that you might not find in stores. It gets 8 paws up from my kitties!

What do you think of the March WhiskerBox?

Visit WhiskerBox to subscribe or find out more!


WhiskerBox understands the needs of your cat because every single item is pawpicked by cats themselves.

Each WhiskerBox features stylish outfits, lifelike toys, and delectable treats, that can be personalized to your cat.

WhiskerBox is dedicated to improving cats lives nationwide. With every WhiskerBox purchased, catstomers directly support shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries.

Ships From US/CA to US/CA/UK/AUS/WW.
Shipping Free Shipping to the US, Canada, $15 International
99 per month

Get 10% off for life! Use coupon code HELLO10.


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  • PA Anna

    Sunny is adorable as a dinosaur kitty! Zoey is cute with the glasses. Sunny reminds me of Sylvester with that one nail stuck into the toy. We loved all the cat pictures!

    • Deb

      Anna, thank you so much for your kind words, I am always so happy to hear from you!