Whiskerbox February 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Whisker’s tail is in the picture!

WhiskerBox is a themed monthly cat subscription box that features artisanal luxury items for your kitty. Four to six premium items  are  included which  can be “stylish apparel, stimulating toys, scrumptious treats, and specialty items.” Discerning felines with dietary needs can opt for non-edible items. A short profile is filled out at checkout including cat’s name, gender, weight, and if treats are to be included. Whiskerbox supports shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries with each box purchased.  The luxury kitty box ships free to the United States and Canada.

Whiskerbox items are tested by feline lifestyle experts. Smokey, the head feline lifestyle expert, was a stray rescued by his humans at eight weeks old. My kitties think that is a cool job!


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First Peek

The kitties and I can’t wait to see what is hiding behind the heart paper.

Little Lamb

Little Lamb had a hard time waiting!

The February theme is ‘Love the Wine You’re With.’ Little Lamb, Zelda, and Puss in Boots’ names are listed on the card. Zelda has decided that she enjoys farm life more than the city life. The cats go through cycles where they have a preference for the farm or the main house.

The Meow Menu is a delightful information card set up as a menu. The prices reflect retail plus shipping because WhiskerBox includes products not available in local shops.

Whiskerbox February 2017

Here are the items in the February WhiskerBox! The family enjoyed opening up the packages.

Our first menu selection is PLAY.

Organic Catnip Feather Heart Toy

The kitties are going to go wild over the Organic Catnip Feather Heart Toy by Furry Tails Tasty Bites (appx $4.50, $8.00 with shipping on card). The toy is handmade, full of organic catnip, and has feathers! I was browsing the site and saw that Destin & Amanda also crafted a Catnip Pikachu Toy!

Catnip Wineglass Toy

The Catnip Wine Glass Toy by Furry Tails Tasty Bites ($4.50, $8.00 with shipping on card) is a fabulous selection for the ‘Love the Wine You’re With’ theme. The kitties enjoyed playing with the catnip filled toy. They were blurs in most of the photos.

The second menu selection is TASTE.

purrgundy cat wine

The cats approved of the Purrgundy Cat Wine Year 2016 (1.6 oz, $4.95, $8.00 with shipping on card). A delightful mixture of catnip notes and salmon oil awaits their palettes.

Weruva BFF Premium Food Devour Me

I heard lots of purring while the kitties dined on the Weruva BFF Premium Food (3 oz, $1.42, $3 with shipping on card). The cats loved the grain-free meal and felt it paired well with the wine.

Meow Merlot Treats

Continuing with the ‘Love the Wine You’re With’, the kitties loved the Meow Merlot Treat ($3.84 on Chewy, $9.28 on Amazon, $9.00 with shipping on card). The Made in the USA treat has a hint of blackberries and is made with tart cherry juice.

It’s time for the STYLE portion. I can’t wait to see what is in the February box!

It’s the Charmer Bow Tie and Collar Matching Set by Cat Couture ($35.00).  I can’t wait to see it on the cats!!!

Use the loops to slide the bow tie over the collar.

You can easily separate the bowtie and collar if you want to take adorable cat photos of two kitties wearing matching accessories.

The metal clasp reminds me of a small dog collar. Then again, I also have a small dog!

It’s a solid metal clasp. We will be using the collar indoors only because it does not appear to be a breakaway collar. Also, I would hate for the cats to return from the great outdoors with a dirty collar. It is much too pretty for that.

Human Treat

I am going to treat myself to the Laura Secord Chocolate when the kitties wine and dine during their delicious meal.

Delicious! The caramel filling was surrounded by a delectable chocolate coating. It hit the spot and was a pleasant surprise.

Time for pictures. Puss in Boots, the orange striped cat with white paws, declined to participate. My sister is visiting and brought Midna with her. She was happy to take his spot.

Who wore the bow tie and matching collar the best?

Little Lamb

I am always adorable.


Maybe I should give up the farm gig and be a cat reviewer instead.


My mommy made me wear it. I refused to let her fix my bow.

Let us know in the comments who wore it best.

Little Lamb

Little Lamb was a blur of white in most photos. He is not wearing the bowtie and collar in this part of the review because he decided the bow tie was also a toy. He is playing with the organic catnip feather heart toy and doing bunny kicks. He’s still dirty from playing outside.


Midna adorably posed with the toys.

Little Lamb rolled all over the bed playing with both toys. He thought they were meowvilious.

Midna amused us as she tried to pull the feather off the toy.

Little Lamb

Little Lamb is a camera ham. He was throwing the feather heart toy up in the air and catching it. Then he stopped and looked directly at the camera.


Midna was chewing on the catnip wine glass when she decided to stop and look at me. She thought the toys were purrfect!

Little Lamb

Little Lamb chewed on the glass while doing bunny kicks. Look at that big paw and muddy legs!


Sylvester was content to sit with the toys. Later in the day he was throwing the feather heart toy up in the air and catching it. Personally, I think he can smell the food and is waiting for the snack portion of the review.


Sylvester’s a happy kitty as he dines on Weruva BFF Premium Food.

He also had a little catnip wine with his meal. Midna chowed down on her dinner. Little Lamb came back in to eat too.

The happy kitties thought the February WhiskerBox was purrfect. They were snacking on the meow merlot treats throughout the review and relished their fine dining experience. The cats were simply adorable and stylish when wearing the bowtie and matching collar set. They enjoyed playing with their artisanal toys. The value of the box is over $54.00 using my discounted prices or $70.00 when including shipping of each item as described by WhiskerBox. My favorite part of the box is the matching bow tie and collar because we love dressing up our cats!  The WhiskerBox is a great choice for cats that want to dress up, have unique toys, and enjoy delectable treats.

Let us know who wore the matching bowtie and collar the best? What do you think of the February WhiskerBox?

Visit WhiskerBox to subscribe or find out more!


WhiskerBox understands the needs of your cat because every single item is pawpicked by cats themselves.

Each WhiskerBox features stylish outfits, lifelike toys, and delectable treats, that can be personalized to your cat.

WhiskerBox is dedicated to improving cats lives nationwide. With every WhiskerBox purchased, catstomers directly support shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries.

Ships From US/CA to US/CA/UK/AUS/WW.
Shipping Free Shipping to the US, Canada, $15 International
99 per month

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  • AngelaR

    Though all the kitties look cute in the bowtie I think Midna looks the best in it.