Switch Designer Jewelry Rental Subscription Box Review + Coupon – March 2017

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Switch is a jewelry subscription that lets you rent designer jewelry starting at $29 a month. You can wear the pieces for as long as you like, or switch them out for new piece(s) whenever you want. Shipping is always free. The jewelry, which includes pieces by Hermes, Alexander McQueen, and Celine, among others, averages $500 and includes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Jewelry is cleaned between wearers.

I have always admired fun statement jewelry on other women, but I can never bring myself to commit to a piece.  Who wants to spend $500 on a piece of jewelry that you may wear only a few times before it goes out of fashion? But who wouldn’t like having an amazing new piece whenever you go out? Not being an heiress or a tech entrepreneur, and having a firm frugality-is-golden Midwestern upbringing, I figured this kind of jewelry was out of reach for me.  Enter Switch, which lets you have fun without the commitment. It’s like internet dating for jewelry!


DEAL: Get half off your first month on any plan. Use coupon code HELLOHALF.

Sign-up is simple. You look through the collection and pick the pieces you like, ranking them in preferred order.  Switch sends you your top-ranked piece that’s available. Wear it as long as you like, and send it back when you’re ready for something new. I have the platinum plan, which allows me to have two pieces at any one time for $39 a month. My jewelry came in the mail in just a couple of days.

Everything was all snugged up in secure packaging. Can I just tell you how exciting it is to open tiny velvet pouches containing gorgeous jewelry that costs less than my monthly Starbucks habit?

Fun stuff from my wish list this month! I got the Kenneth Jay Lane Multi-Strand Turquoise Hue Statement Necklace ($325 retail value) and the Acne Studios Fabi Choker in Matte Black ($230 retail value).

The Kenneth Jay Lane necklace is really fantastic. It is 7 strands of turquoise-colored resin with a gold-plated D-clasp. The length is 19″ and the drop is 4″. This is quite a substantial piece; the weight holds it on the D-clasp, and you can definitely feel it around your neck.

The clasp is easy to do yourself and the beads hang nicely in a controlled-chaos sort of way. You can see the Kenneth Lane logo on the tag.

I REALLY like this necklace. It’s like a bead scarf in the way it hangs, and the turquoise color will perk up any skin tone. This is a statement necklace, for sure, so it may not be the kind of item you’d wear to several events in a row, but that’s the whole point of Switch – you can wear it a couple of times and send it back! I have worn this to a couple of different evening events and gotten lots of compliments.

The next piece is the Acne Studios Fabi Choker necklace in matte black.

The necklace is satin-finished bronze, 44mm high, and the metal is flexible to fit around any size neck. You can see the Acne Studios logo on the tag.

I remember the choker fad of the 90’s, and I have been appalled surprised that it has come back into fashion for the under-18 set. But it has, dear reader, so I got a choker from Switch to show you! And to appease my daughter.

Well, it looks just like I remember! This one is supposed to look a bit like a neck tattoo, and if you want to get a neck tattoo, you should definitely get a necklace instead. Yes, my daughter loved it.

Overall, Switch is a really fun experience. I really like the variety of pieces available. I love the idea that I can go “shopping” for new jewelry anytime I want. Given the retail prices of the pieces (over $500 total in this shipment), the $39/month is very reasonable value. With that money, I can either buy a new piece of jewelry every 1-2 years, or I can have a new piece whenever I want. For this kind of statement jewelry that may have a shelf life of your interest or that of the fashion world’s, the economics really do weigh in favor of renting. I can’t wait to get my next Switch!

Have you tried Switch? Which piece is next in your queue? Let us know in the comments below!

Visit Switch to subscribe or find out more!


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  • El

    Hi, AMH! According to my kitchen scale, it weighs just under 13 ounces/361 grams. It didn’t bother my neck, but I could tell it was there.

  • AMH

    Was the blue necklace heavy?