Plated March 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Plated is a weekly dinner kit subscription box with high-quality ingredients and chef-created recipes. Each week you’ll choose from a variety of quick gourmet meals that range from meats, chicken, seafood, and purely vegetarian options. You can swap out your recipes and skip any week you don’t want.

Plated insulates the food with padding filled with recycled thread material. Boxes are always packed with the meat on the bottom, underneath a few big ice packs – the rest of the food is set on top with more ice.

Plated sends a weekly email – it doesn’t tell you much about your meals, other than what you need from home. They now offer three-serving meals! This is a great option for guaranteeing leftovers for a tasty and easy lunch!

DEAL: Currently you can get 2 free plates when you buy 4 when you sign up with this link (no coupon code required).

On-card information is streamlined and includes only prep-time, number of servings and calorie count. Most of Plated’s meals serve two people. Unless stated otherwise, the pics of finished dishes show a single serving.

Plated’s recipes rely on mise en place and then cook – we often mix up the steps from how the recipe is written, but we’re both experienced cooks and know what can be accomplished while something else cooks. So, read your cards if you need the step by steps. The recipes are easy to follow, with ingredients printed in bold and tips to avoid common pitfalls.

All the food comes bagged up and separated (mostly) into the recipes – meat and some large or delicate items are bagged separately.

Broccoli Cheddar Calzones With Marinara Sauce. 45-55 minutes, medium, 860 calories per serving.

Pictured is one of the two calzones – they were pretty huge! The quality of the tomato used to make the marinara was great, and it had excellent flavor. A lot of cheddar went into these calzone, but it seemed to mostly absorb into the broccoli. This dish was relatively easy, though sealing calzones can be quite the feat, and there wasn’t any specific guidance of successfully sealing them, other than rolling the seam.

Plated forgot to send us the pizza dough for this calzone (!). After letting them know, they refunded the full price of the meal. It was a hassle – I had to run to the store for dough in the middle of preparation, because I didn’t notice it (yes, even though I took pictures of everything).

Korean Beef Burritos With Kimchi Rice And Gochujang Aioli. 30-40 minutes, easy, 850 calories per serving.

This dish was easily our favorite. Mildly spicy, these burritos were bursting with flavor. They had the perfect balance of umami, salt, spice, tanginess, and sweet, with a beautiful medley of textures. The recipe made tons of filling – there was enough for two more burritos! It made a superb lunch the next day. I loved the ease of preparation for this dish – Korean food can be a hassle because of all the julienned vegetables, but the pre-shredded carrot and prepared kimchi simplified this dish.

Shepherd’s Pie With Beef, Carrot, And Chives. 40-50 minutes, medium, 580 calories per serving.

Tasty and homey, this shepherd’s pie combined a rich beef and veggie filling with creamy mashed potatoes. I liked the inclusion of parsnips in the filling, as they added a wonderful flavor and aroma without diverging from the carrots regarding cooking time or preparation needs. Simple to prepare, the hardest part of the dish was spreading the potatoes without disturbing the underlying filling. They did a great job of producing the right consistency filling for the dish – often this type of dish is either too soupy or too dry – this one was perfect!

Plated offers some of our favorite meals, and we love to get dishes we know we love along with some new tries. This set of meals was really great – the calzone didn’t wow us, but the shepherd’s pie was great, and the Korean burritos simply blew us away! I’ve noted in previous reviews that their Asian inspired dishes are some of the best, and this meal really proved that point.

What do you think of Plated?


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