German Food Box February 2017 Subscription Box Review

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German Food Box lets you embark on a blind tour of German food every month! You’ll receive 6-8 different food items that represents the best of German cuisine, all curated by a team of experts. The subscription costs $49 per month.

Proudly made in Germany!

The box is filled with German-made food, with most in German language, non-export packaging. I’m excited to see the rest of the box!

Everything was surrounded with white squiggles, and bubble wrap was used to protect the one relatively fragile item.

A referral/coupon card was included so you can get a friend hooked on German food, too! Our box was “Packed With Love By Eva.”

There’s also a recipe card included in the box. It’s for Jägerschnitzel, a pounded cutlet topped with mushroom sauce. 

All the goodies in my German Food Box this February!

Maggi Jager-Sahne Schnitzel in Cremiger Champignonsauce ($1.70): This sauce mix is an easy way to make a mushroom and cream sauce for schnitzel. The mix calls for some cream, mushrooms, and few cutlets of pork or veal.  This version calls for baking rather than breading the schnitzel.

Almdudler Soda ($2.50): This Austrian soda is infused with the extract from a variety of Alpine herbs, or “Alpenkrauter.” It tastes a bit like a fizzy cranberry lemonade, mildly sour with a vaguely berry-like flavor. I was surprised that it wasn’t medicinal or licorice flavored at all.

Panni Bavarian Potato Pancake Mix ($12.30): This mix makes classic Bavarian potato pancakes, simply seasoned with onion and parsley.

You need only water and an oiled pan to make the cakes.

Dr. Oetker Original Pudding Mix in Chocolate ($3.99):  I’ve always associated Dr. Oetker with specially-prescribed diets because of the medical sounding name of the brand and having seen his sugar-free mixes offered in low-carb catalogs. The brand is named after its founder, a pharmacist who created a very reliable and predictably-rising baking powder. The German company makes all manner of packaged foods, from mixes to frozen pizza. This creamy chocolate pudding requires sugar and milk for preparation.

Schwartau Extra Schwarze Johannisbeere: Blackcurrant jam, made simply with just currants, sugar, and pectin. The color is easily distinguishable from that or more commonly seen red currants – this stuff is very dark!

Storck nimm2 Multivitamin Hard Candy in Orange ($7.99): These sweet lozenges come in orange and lemon flavor. Though marketed as containing vitamins, they don’t taste like a vitamin or have any discernible off flavors – they are sweet and tasty, with a jammy liquid center.

The vitamins aren’t too potent – a 100g serving has 310% the daily allowance of vitamin C, but that’s two thirds of the bag of candies!

Armbuster Extra Broad Black Forest Noodles: These traditional noodles use farm eggs to create a rich flavor and classic texture. This style of noodle is very hearty and is great for soaking up rich gravies – you see it used in the Pennsylvania version of “chicken pot pie,” a thick chicken stew with lots of noodles.

Kuchenmeister Mini Marble Cake ($4.99) The size of this is deceptive – it’s on a full size cutting board and this is about the size of a medium pound cake, or a couple of 15.5 oz vegetable cans end to end. We love German cakes! Many are very hearty and spiced, but this one was a much more refined and elegant kind of yumminess.

This only looks like something from Little Debbie. The chocolate coating is thick and well done (no waxy flavors here) and the sponge itself is really rich and moist. We ate this by the sliver – it’s really deceptive as to how filling it is – but of course the flavor was delicious!

We can’t wait to get more boxes from German Food Box. We loved the authenticity of the selections – everything was made in Germany, much of it based on classic dishes that have long been staples of German cuisine.

Visit German Food Box to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Anna

    We have been using the German Food Box for many months and are very happy with it. It’s a bit like Christmas every month. Each box is different and all products are Made in Germany. We are already looking forward to the next box.

  • Kelly

    Everyone I have spoken to says not to buy this product. I witnessed a friend receiving one and the portions were ridiculously small and the items were random at best. To add to the problem the marble cake was stale. When they tried to complain they were ignored and blocked from leaving a bad review. When they tried to unsubscribe the process was so complicated it was obvious that it was a trap to keep you subscribed so you can keep charging accounts. Don’t buy this product!