February 2017 Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome Subscription Box Review

We received this box for our review. Hello Subscription may earn compensation via links in this post. Read the full disclosure

The Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is a monthly subscription box offered by That Daily Deal. That Daily Deal says that “Each month you’ll receive a mysterious mystery box of awesome mystery packed with mysteriousness.” It may be one high-value item or smaller items that add up to a HUGE value. The price of the subscription is $9.99 and the items you receive exceed the cost.

I loved my mini-mystery box of awesome! Let me tell you what came in my box. Now, keep in mind your box may not be like mine.

My first item is a Kikkerland Vibrating Alien Head Massager ($7.99 Amazon). This is a cute little novelty item. Personally I do not find these very useful as they always get tangled in my long hair. I do like the fact it is an alien character. It reminds of a joke my mom used to go around and do to us kids. She would put her hand on the top of our heads and make a sucking noise and say “The alien brain sucker is trying to eat, but nothing there.” LOL! The big kid in the picture snatched this item up.

Next is a Alltrolite LED Work Light ($7.99 Amazon). This little flashlight gives off one bright light!! It has a spotlight and a floodlight. The flash light also rotates 360 degrees. In addition to a stand the light also has a hook for hanging the light.

My last item is a pair of winter gloves in brown with a furry insulation. The finger tips have small raised bumps for the ability to still use your smartphone without having to remove the gloves. I was not able to locate a name of the company that made the gloves nor a price after searching the website and the internet. They do look like they will keep your hands warm during the winter. As someone pointed out to me, these could be ski gloves for millennials. LOL!

Here is a picture of the inside of the gloves.

Sorry, I am not able to get a total cost of the items as I was unable to locate an item or two. I do like the mystery of the subscription. What do you think of the Mini Monthly Mystery Subscription?

Visit Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome to subscribe or find out more!


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  • vrnc59

    How do I cancel the mini mystery box subscription? It says it’s easy but I am having trouble finding out how to do it.

    • Brandy

      You can do it on the “My Account” page.

      • vrnc59

        I can’t get into my account it won’t take my password and when I try to reset it to send me a new one I never receive it.

        • Brandy

          May I share your email address with the company so they can help correct?