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  • vanessa

    This is the 1st one that actually has stuff in it I like!

    I wonder if I sub today, I could still get this box….?

  • Ashley

    Just got my box in the mail, and I love everything! Probably the best value box I got this year, I was surprised to see that people were complaining about how cheap these items were in the Spring box. I do agree that the values for some of these items seem way overpriced. Though, indie brands always are. That dr. brandt scrub alone is $100 here in Canada. My favourite item was the lip kit. <3

  • PA Anna

    One of these days I will end up resubscribing! I read the beach bag print incorrectly the first time. Oops! Love how the nail polish is pretty and spring-like.

    • Brandy

      LOL the bag print was perfect for me!