Boxwalla Beauty Subscription Box Review – February 2017

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Boxwalla is a new bi-monthly subscription. It’s a bit unusual that you can select from one of four themes – natural beauty, artisanal food, international film, or books! In Boxwalla, you’ll be able to discover great artisans and artists from across the globe. The Boxwalla Beauty Box contains non-toxic and cruelty-free products sourced from artisans in the US.

The packaging for this box is absolutely gorgeous. The box itself is sort of like a luxe cotton rag paper covered box handcrafted by artisans in Rajasthan, India (none of whom are children). The outside indicates which box you received. I love how the box itself supports socially and environmentally conscious goals.

The information card is a letter from “The Drunken Boxwallas” (the content didn’t indicate why they are drunk!) detailing each of the products. The theme for this box is Secret Garden!

This February, we lovingly invite you to step into our Secret Garden: A place filled with the sweetest of Nature’s gifts. The wind may be roaring outside & a mountain of snow may be piling up, but inside this secret garden, tranquility prevails. As you enter, you begin to notice a warm protective bubble around you, and you lightly float around this beautiful place. Perhaps you’ll spot a rose or two. Maybe jasmine petals shaking of some dew. But there will be Date trees holding secrets untold and lushly studded pomegranates fallen on the grassy floors. Pluck some barbary figs, gather watermelons. There is green tea galore for the asking. Sit a while & admire the pretty hues of elderberries & hibiscus flowers. And as you breathe in, you’ll slowly realize that in this lush secret garden of ours, love springs eternal.

Everything in the February 2017 Boxwalla Beauty Box!

One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum ($75) Can I “wow” on this retail value a little?! WOW! 

This night-time serum is designed to help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothe and moisturize, and deeply moisturize. It’s a nice, lightweight oil with an almost floral scent (it’s non-cloying) with green tea, watermelon and jasmine and it felt really luxurious to apply. I’ll be using it nightly.

H is for Love Bara Balm Facial Emollient ($70)  Another WOW! 

This deeply rich balm just melts right onto your skin and it’s the perfect balm to both hydrate and provide a layer of protection. I thought it was a great item for a windy spring – my face often gets quite dry when it gets a little warmer and I go outside more often in the wind, and I’ve already found it to be a huge help. It also includes healing calendula for worn out winter skin and is scented with Chinese rose, Vanilla ‘total’ CO2, Frankincense, and Lavender.

H is for Love Lip Glace in Root & Berry ($17) This rose-colored gloss is designed to be flattering to all skin tones – and the color is derived from berries, roots and flowers – no mica, iron oxides or mineral pigments.

So pretty, with a natural vanilla mint flavor. Swatch below!

Such simple ingredients!

I swatched both the lip balm and the facial emollient – it does leave a bit of color but I didn’t find that it made a difference on my face.

This was an amazing box, with $162 in beautiful natural green-beauty finds for less than $50. The quality of these items was impeccable, as is the curation for Boxwalla Beauty. One of the best boxes of the year!

What did you think about this month’s Boxwalla Beauty box?

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