ZenPop Japanese Packs February 2017 Beauty Box Review

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ZenPop Japanese Packs isn’t your traditional subscription box – it’s not a recurring subscription at all, but a box you can purchase each month from four variations – snacks, stationery, beauty, and ramen! All boxes are $35 and include free shipping. This is a review of their Beauty Box!

The information sheet is a standard size piece of paper; both sides are printed in full cover with descriptions and photos of everything.

Pure Smile Green Tea Sheet Mask I love Pure Smile products and was pleased to see two included! The green tea sheet mask helps detox skin and hydrate.

Pure Smile Lemon Point Pads Cute slices of lemon are made of the same material and serum as sheet masks, but in a smaller form you can stick to knees, elbows, cheeks, anywhere you need an extra moisture boost. As with sheet masks, leave it on for 10 minutes and then remove.

Spring Heart Eyeliner Spring Heart is produced by Koji, a cosmetics company that has been around since the 60s. I have used this exact eyeliner and it does NOT budge! I really like it, and Spring Heart is aimed towards a younger teenage audience so the items are not too expensive.

Spring Heart False Eyelashes These lashes are a nice natural looking set and include a small tube of lash glue.

Kumamon Heated Eye Pad These remind me of a similar product I have with Hello Kitty on them — just place them over your eyes and let them heat up! Kumamon is a character from Kumamoto Prefecture. (Kuma means bear!)

Yuzu Bath Powder Yuzu is a type of Japanese citrus fruit. It tastes like a combination of orange and grapefruit to me, and is refreshing! This bath powder is meant to be fizzy and sparkling to help refresh you.

Cotton Buds These are individually wrapped and sealed so you could keep a few in your makeup bag. The pointy end is good for smudging eyeliner, and the opposite end is the more familiar fluffy Q-tip end.

Hello Kitty Lavender Hand Cream Awww, Hello Kitty! Who doesn’t love her? I don’t like Lavender so this is being gifted.

Cherry Blossom Soap I didn’t unpackage this because it’s going to be gifted as well (SO pretty!) but that flower is actually made of soap paper! And there are squiggly soap papers underneath as well. What a pretty idea!

Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow I am SO excited to try this – I love Dolly Wink’s eyeliner, have recently been introduced to their lash products, and now I get to try their eyeshadow!

I swatched it with the Spring Heart eyeliner. The shadow is a beautiful sparkling white gold. The eyeliner requires a LOT of scrubbing to remove completely, even with my Lancome micellar water!

I’m so thrilled with my ZenPop Japanese Packs Beauty Box! I have reviewed the Stationery Box previously and am really happy I got to try the Beauty Box and see how it differs. I definitely think the value is here and this would be a fantastic gift as it’s not a recurring subscription.

Visit ZenPop Japanese Packs to get a box or find out more!


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  • Vintage

    Thanks for posting info about this box, very interesting boxes. I would definitely be thinking about getting one of the stationery ones, whenever I see that is one I would like to own. I like that about them, that they tell you what you will get each time and that it brings quite a lot of items.