Stars In Her Hair Subscription Box Review – February 2017

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Stars In Her Hair is a bi-monthly scrapbooking and journaling subscription box. For 25$, you’ll receive an assortment of washi tape, greeting cards, ephemera kit, art supplies, framed vintage print, stickers, and so on.

Everything was nicely wrapped in tissue paper and packed with bubble wrap so everything made it intact! February’s theme is “FEATHERS and WINGS” and is full of birdy goodies! The Crazy Bird Lady in me couldn’t be happier! Look at all the birds! And there’s even a gift wrapped in more birdies! BIRDS EVERYWHERE!!!

There was a roll inside the box that was pretty intriguing and seemed to have nothing to do with feathers or wings, so I looked into it first. And look at the cute business card! Full of more birds!

The reverse side of that cute business card full of birds!

The roll was a single music sheet. It’s the Nocturne no 5 in B flat major by John Field. Very pretty music, by the way.

Mountain Birds stamp collection, DIY rubber kit. OMG, so adorable! I will stamp birds everywhere! EVERYWHERE!!! (I actually took a white piece of paper and stamped birds all over it. Homemade wrapping paper!!!) We also had a roll of washi tape, with a raven, roses, and a sewing machine in a fun vintage palette. My planner will be full of birds!

Vintage Bird Postcard and Gift Tag. I’m tempted to simply frame the postcard, it’s lovely. The gift tag is so cute!

Stamp Stickers “Song of a bird.” Vintage looking stamps, they will be a great addition to any cards or planner or to close an envelope.

Ephemera kit. These are all pages from books about birds. I would never cut pages from a book myself, so this is a good way for me to not feel bad about the book while having nice birdies to play with and use in different projects! I always want to add drawings in my journal, just to make it pretty, but I can’t draw to save my life. These pages will add life to my writings!

Two of my favorite pages. I love old drawings, it’s so pretty.

Art materials are also included in Stars in Her Hair subscription boxes. This month, we received a canvas and acrylic color paint. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t draw, but now I’m tempted to try to paint!

And then, the Piece de Résistance: the wrapped item.

There’s a framed vintage print in every box. I think there is some variation on the print itself. I’ve received a waxwing and isn’t he cute? We have a rowan tree in my backyard and it’s always fun to see them gorge themselves on the fruits in huge number.

Someone was a bit suspicious of it though!

Look at the bottom of the box! More of the bird wrapping paper! It’s not glued in, so this is like a bonus for scrapbooking! I love the little details, and this is a fun one!

I thought I would do something different than scrapbooking with the content of this box, so I made myself a pendant with a feather drawing from the ephemera kit. I cut a small drawing of a feather (one that could fit on my pendant) and glued it on. I’ve added some real feathers for fun! Then, I gave the acrylic kit a go. Remember when I said I can’t draw to save my life? I’m not lying. I used an owl from the ephemera kit, cut it and I drew the outline on the canvas before filling it up with black paint.

This was such a fun box to go through! I really like the fact that someone else pulled a book apart to give me pretty pictures to play with! April’s theme will be Maps and Travel! What do you think of February’s Stars in her Hair Subscription Box?
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  • Catherine

    OMG, so cute!!

    • Catherine

      I know right?
      The whole box was adorable! And full of cute birds! BIRDS EVERYWHERE!!!
      Everything was so fun to play with and cute!