How To Be A Redhead Subscription Box Review – February 2017

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How to Be a Redhead Subscription Box is the brainstorm of two sisters, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti. The box is to help redheads “to feel confident, look amazing and rock their beauty.” The products range from samples to full-size and the box ships the first week of the month. Even the box comes bright big and RED! There is no mistaking what is going to be in here. I love getting this box each month and it ships from close to me so I always know when it is coming.

This month’s box is their February “I Love My Red Hair” Box.

The information card lists the items, description, and prices for some of the items in the box.

Everything in my February 2017 box.

Amanda Blakley Skincare Mineral Powder ($35 each) and Moisturizer ($22) – I’m stoked for this collection of products. I wear pressed powder every day and I’m always searching for a new brand and can’t live without product. This month they sent us two different shades of powder and a moisturizer. It says to use three or four spritzes freshen our skin. I gave it a few squirts and it did give a fresh feel to my skin.

We got the mineral powder in both light and medium and they also included a card showing how to contour with just powder.  In the winter months I’m normally a light and then in summer more a medium so I’m all for these shades. I also didn’t realize that I do some contouring already with my powder and blush and just never realized it.  I’m going to give the two powder method a go and see how I like it compared to my normal powder/blush method.

Aussie Deep Conditioner ($3) – My hair is in a constant dry state recently so this came at a perfect time. This will give my hair a super deep conditioning in just 3 minutes.

Pair’D Beauty Dry Shampoo ($5) – Nope, I just can’t do dry shampoo. I know that it is all the rage right now but I just can’t. I’m also someone who showers and washes my hair every day so it’s not really needed that I’ve noticed. This is a 100% Organic Lemon and Lavender Dry shampoo and I’ll be adding to my bag of goodies to go to my college age sister who loves dry shampoo.

The BrowGal Clear Eyebrow Gel ($20) – I’ll admit I’ve never used a brow gel before and this one came with some info on how to use it. My brows are in desperate need of some help right now so this will help out until I can get in and get some true maintenance to them.

IT Haircare Leave-In Spray ($7.00) – I just used up my last spray leave-in so this is going into my routine. It feels great in my hair already and I always think leave-in conditioners are better when I go to wash them out the next day. My hair always feels so great and soft and fluffy.

Rawxies ($2.00) – A Valentine’s treat which is also vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and whole food heart bars. My hubby looked at me funny when I gave this to him but he downed it and said it was good and he would eat it again. That is a win in my book.

Another great month for How to Be a Redhead. There was a concentration on hair this month and since it is a RedHead box that makes perfect sense. While I won’t use all the products my sister who is even more red then me will grab up what I don’t and will love them. Including the two colors of powder was the highlight of the box for me. I can’t wait to try the contouring and then to have full sizes to play around with and try is perfect.

Are you a redhead? What do you think of the February How to Be a Redhead box?

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