Pet Parcel February 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Cat and Dog Edition

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Pet Parcel

Pet Parcel is a monthly subscription box for cats, dogs, or both! Each month receive a minimum of two toys and two treats for your cat or dog. Combination boxes will have a minimum two toys and two treats for your dog and a minimum one toy and one treat for your cat. All treats are made in the United States or Canada. There are three different dog sizes available which are extra small, small/medium, and large.

I love that you can make a six or twelve-month commitment and pay the amount monthly instead of paying it up front.

First Peek

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Look at all the happy pets! The back had a handwritten note describing the upgrades.

Pet Parcel Cat and Dog Combination Box with Upgrades – February 2017

I could not believe how many items were in the February Pet Parcel Cat and Dog Combination Box with Upgrades. I had to keep removing kitties from the photos while the dogs were impatiently waiting by my side.

Multipet No Stuffing Duck

Bella, our Mini Rat Terrier, and Odie, half Border Collie/half Labrador Retriever, loved the  Multipet 20″ Mallard with Squeaker and No Stuffing (appx $4.98+). I linked to the 18″ toy. It rapidly became a tug-of-war toy. Bella later tried her best to rip out the fur. It was an excellent toy for them to enjoy together.

Zippy Paws Brainey Lion

Daisy loves Zippy Paws babies! The Zippy Paws Brainey Lion ($6.81 on Amazon) has one blaster squeaker. Both big dogs enjoyed playing fetch outside with Brainey Lion on an unseasonably warm day. Brainey Lion is safely sleeping with Daisy and her babies.

JNC Sausage Sticks and Buddy Biscuits

All three doggies loved their treats. The Made in the USA Jones Natural Chews Co Sausage Sticks (2.2 oz, $5.87) is made from beef, rye flour and salt. It helps clean teeth, gum, skin, and coats. Odie especially loved the Made in the USA Buddy Biscuits Peanut Butter Treats (6 oz, $4.49) because he is addicted to peanut butter. The soft chews are shaped as adorable buddies.

The above four items are in the Cat and Dog Combination Box. I also received two dog upgrade items.

Dog Upgrade Items

Pet Parcel kindly included the February upgraded items. The reason why I had impatient doggies drooling next to the table was because of the Smokehouse Bacon Skin Twist ($9.79 on Chewy, RV $12.95). The dogs love the Made in the USA Smokehouse Twists which are slow-roasted bacon skins. The dogs and I approve of this selection for the upgraded treat which is $9.00. The JW Hol-ee Football – Large ($8.99, marked down from $12.05) was enjoyed by all three dogs. The small size football is also available as an upgrade. I filled it with treats for Bella and Odie. Later Odie and Daisy played cached with it. The premium toy is an additional $9.00 add-on.

It’s the kitties turn!

Ralph’s Kitty Corner

I love the fabric pattern of the Ralph’s Kitty Corner Catnip Pillow (appx $5.00). I was unable to find an exact toy match and am guessing at the price based on other items in the shop. The toy has USA-grown organic catnip in it! My lazy orange kitties wanted to sleep with it.

Omega Paw Meowmosa

Now your kitties can enjoy happy hour with you! The Made in the USA Omega Paw MeowMosa Treats (3 oz, $3.49) are delicious soft treats made with salmon and a touch of orange juice. All the kitties found it be meowlicious.

The above two cat items are included in the Cat and Dog Combination box. Pet Parcel also included the cat add-on item.

Buddy Biscuits Cat Treats

Pet Parcel kindly sent me the cat premium addon which alternates between toys and teats each month. Meow, please! That is what the cats said about the Made in the USA Buddy Biscuits Savory Turkey & Cheddar Treats (3 oz, $3.95).  The price is awfully close to the $4.00 addon cost, but I prefer to see something that is $4.00 or higher. The cats have zero complaints.

Time for kitty and doggy pictures! The kitties are first!

Puss in Boots and Garfield

Puss in Boots must be having crazy adventures at night because he can barely keep his eyes open during the day. Look at him yawning. I tried to take a picture with him with the catnip pillow, and all he wanted to do was sleep. Garfield was happy to lick and roll around with the catnip pillow. He is getting ready to roll with it in this picture.

Snack Time

I wasn’t sure if sleepy Puss in Boots would eat his kitty treats. We will see!


It’s amazing how he can be awake enough to eat his snack!

Now it is time for the doggies!

Bella and Odie

I knew that Bella and Odie would have lots of fun with the stuffless Mallard Duck Toy. They could play tug of war for hours.

Bella, our mini Rat Terrier, won the fight. Odie, our Border Collie/Labrador Retriever Mix, was a happy dog playing with his best bud.

Odie and Bella

Odie knows Bella is in charge which is why they can chew on their Smokehouse Twists together. Bella is a little larger than our male cats. The twist looks huge next to her.


Odie was surprised that I threw the football because I filled it with treats the other day.

No Treats

He picked it up and shook it a few times. Silly dog!


His face is priceless!


Daisy, our English Shepherd, is back from the farm! She briefly played with the football. She prefers babies.


Is it a lion or a dog?


Looks like Odie is going to catch it!


Daisy caught her baby! She was proud of herself.

I love how Daisy looks in this picture. She is a happy girl running after her baby.


Odie’s turn to be a lion dog!

Odie and Daisy

Odie and Daisy are deciding who is next!


It was comical trying to take a picture of both dogs sitting for their treats.

Everyone had a blast playing on a warm winter day.

The pets greatly enjoyed their February Pet Parcel Combination Box with upgrades. Both the cats and dogs loved their treats and toys. The box included a few of their favorite brands such as Zippy Paws and Smokehouse treats.  The value of the combination box came to approximately $31.00 using discount prices. Even if I bumped up the price by a few dollars it is still short of the monthly price of $41.97 which includes free shipping. I would prefer to see it closer to the break-even cost of the subscription. I found that pet boxes tend to have lower values and it’s best to go with a longer term subscription and coupon for subscribers that want to see value in their subscription boxes. I do like that Pet Parcel bills monthly for 6 and 12-month subscriptions which make it affordable instead of paying it all at once. I love the convenience of having both cat and dog toys and treats in the same box. The premium upgrades allow for customization that fits your pet family. Pet Parcel is a great way to create a pet box that spoils your cats and dogs.
Visit Pet Parcel to subscribe or find out more!


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