Olfactif for Men February 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Olfactif for Men is a monthly fragrance discovery subscription box featuring more distinctly masculine scents than their unisex flagship subscription. You’ll get 3 samples in your box, each containing 15-20 “wears” of an independently designed cologne or eau de perfume. With every box, your account will be credited with an $18 voucher to use on fragrances from the store. Olfactif for Men prides itself in selecting niche offerings incorporating higher quality and hard-to-find ingredients.

The regular Olfactif box is unisex and meant to be worn by women and men who enjoy niche fragrances. Because it features fragrances intended to be wearable by both sexes, it only occasionally indulges in the heartier scents typically associated with Men’s fragrance. The Men’s box is centered around traditionally masculine fragrances, all from the niche world. You will still see the same creative spirit and defiance of convention, but the focus will be on the yang.

Olfactif Men’s comes in the same cool packaging as their flagship subscription. The information card for the fragrances is tucked inside.

The theme for this ensemble of men’s fragrances is “007,” in honor to Bond… James Bond.

The cards have been updated with a more elegant image. They identify the fragrance and maker, list the primary scent notes, and provide a glimpse into the inspiration and essential qualities of the fragrance.

The flap top box bears the intricate Olfactif logo in shiny relief.

The three fragrances come tucked neatly within the very cool case. The bottles are testers, but with up to 20 wears each, they are perfect for keeping around for a change of pace well into the future (but make sure to take advantage of the subscription credit towards purchase and pick up a full size of your favorites!). The box now comes with a trio of test strips so you can get a sense of the fragrances before choosing one to wear first.  I go ahead and spray them on my skin – I think that’s the best way to see how it wears.

The strips have the Olfactif logo, a fancy touch.

February 2017 Olfactif Men:

Forte + Forte by Profumi Del Forte – Connery: This fragrance opens very crisp, with lots of bergamot and herbal intensity.  It mellows quickly, with a bit of spice lingering, becoming more powdery over time. It ends as a light, shimmery but masculine musk.

Eau Inexplicable by Thirdman – Moore: Warm and fresh, this eau de toilette has a light scent that can stand heavy application.  It starts heavy on the geranium, then fades into a more relaxed patchouli and vetiver fog, with a mild and dry cedar lending a clean warmth. Throughout the dry-down, this fragrance maintains both an alluring freshness and an elegant woody tone.

A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors – Craig:  This combines a vivid smokiness with a musky, slightly stank and primal amber note from labdanum. It is pleasant, but it has a flash of brininess, like a light ambergris quality. The intense smoke fades to a mild undertone, and the fragrance takes on some spicy, peppery notes.

This was a really fun trio of scents from Olfactif Men! I liked the way the card tied each to a very different incarnation of James Bond – it really helped me visualize the personality and overall arc of each scent. This trio had an accelerated dry-down, with the fragrances evolving very quickly from initial spray to their final disposition. Each had a very distinct personality – wearable but also squarely in the realm of niche fragrance.

Have you tried niche fragrances yet? What did you think of this month’s Olfactif Men’s collection?

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