March 2017 GlobeIn Box Full Spoilers + Coupon

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GlobeIn has released the first spoilers for the March 2017 Artisan Box. The theme is UNWIND!

Dear Hard Workers and Busy Bees,  

Ahhhhh. The day is done and you’re finally home. You’re eager to relax and restore. But relaxation is not always available at the drop of a dime, especially when your mind is still racing from all the day’s demands.  

This box is dedicated to the process of unwinding. And indeed, it is a process. Maybe even an art. The items in this box are geared toward leading you along the path to ease.  

Step 1: Drop everything.

Step 2: Kick off your shoes, slip into a cottony mood.

Step 3: Pour yourself a glass of something nice. Step 4: Couch? Porch? Patio? Choose your place of respite.

Unwinding is a journey. Consider this box the map.

DEAL: You can use code WELCOME to save $10 on your first box of a 3+ month subscription.

All boxes include:

1) Glass Mug, Mexico (Retail $16)

2) Nose Glasses Holder, India (Retail $18)

3) Rosewood Catch-All Tray, India (Retail $12)

4) Organic Cotton Socks, India (Retail $10)

Customers will receive one of the three designs.

5) Rosewood Bottle Opener, India (Retail $6)

5) GlobeIn Greeting Card (Retail $3)

*March Artisan Box options will be available for all active subscribers in their subscription settings between March 1st and March 5th.

Here’s a closer look at some of the items!

Organic Cotton Socks, India (Retail $10).

Materials: organic cotton
Measurements: fits men’s shoe size 9-13.

You arrive home at the end of a long day, you kick off your shoes and swap dress pants or jeans for something a little more elastic. You complete your spell of softness by slipping into your new cotton socks…

As your happy feet pad around the house, you’ll be glad to know that your choice of organic cotton stands in the affirmative to both environmental preservation and humane conditions for those who work in the industry, farmers and factory workers alike.

Suggested use: Slip on and slip into a whole new mood…

1) Rosewood Nose Glasses Holder, India (Retail $18).

Materials: Indian Rosewood & Varnish

Measurements: 6.25″ tall

2) Rosewood Catch-All Tray, India (Retail $12).

Materials: Indian Rosewood & Varnish

Measurements: 4 x 4″ 

Nothing punctuates the day like the sound of keys clattering into their home for the night. Your lovely new tray is here to be that resting place. Along with your glasses holder, your tray allows you to breezily drop your things off on entering the home with the assurance of their remaining in one reliable place. Since when was staying organized so effortless?

Suggested use: Un-encumber thyself! Toss keys, phone, and wallet in tray. Never lose your sunglasses again by keeping them in this same, rather unforgettable, spot.

Glass Mug, Mexico (Retail $16).

When it comes to drinking vessels, a different shape is a whole different vibe. Your glass mug, for example, is a world away from a wine glass—although filling it with wine is obviously a fine idea. Mugs, of course, are not usually glass, and that makes this piece rather unique. Less dainty than the wine glass, your mug calls to mind the kingliness of a goblet, but with an informal air that says couch much more than throne.  

This innovative shape took its form in Tonalá, Jalisco, a hub of glassware and pottery and home to the glass-blowing workshop Cristaluc.

Suggested use: Fill with something refreshing…

Materials: recycled glass.

Measurements: 3.15 x 5.12″

Care Instructions: Handwash only.


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