Love With Food Gluten-Free February 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Love with Food is a popular snack subscription that also carries a gluten-free option! It is a fun snack discovery subscription available in three versions: classic tasting box, deluxe/family size, and gluten-free. This version is the gluten-free box, but you can see our reviews of the other versions too. You might not know it from all of the more adventurous Japanese snack boxes I review, but I actually do have a sensitivity for gluten (along with a laundry list of other ingredients) so I have to be careful how much of it I consume. When Love With Food started shipping internationally, this was great news for me!

DEAL: You can save 25% on your first Gluten-Free box by using this link, no coupon code required!

My box always arrives mid-month. They don’t include details on the product card, but the info is available on their website.

Blue Diamond Nut Thins These are small rice and almond flour crackers. They have a nice crunch to them. The sea salt ones would be great to have with hummus, and the cheese ones were a light flavour, not too heavy.

World of Peas Snacks I have had wasabi peas before but these are a whole other world! They are crunchy and easy to snack on. I preferred the BBQ flavour but the ranch was nice too. World of Peas promotes world peas (get it?) by donating a portion of their profits to educational outreach programs as well as healthy eating programs.

Homefree Lemon Burst Mini Cookies The trick with GF baking is that most cookies end up crunchy versus chewy and moist. These mini cookies are crunchy and tart with lemon, and are addicting!

Sriracha Protein Chips We were sent two bags of these chips. They are made with pea protein and have a similar texture and feel to bean chips. I loved these and brought one bag in to share with my sriracha-loving coworker. She approved and I scored major points.

Seaweed Crisps I have never liked seaweed snacks – I like my seaweed wrapped around sushi only. I brought these into work to share with my more adventurous colleagues. They polished off the bag by the time I came back to the lunch room at the end of the day! I took a nibble; they are very salty from the seaweed but the rice cracker on the bottom adds a heartier taste to it.

Raspberry Truffle Twists I need someone to send me a case of these. GF pretzels are awesome because they are SO crunchy, and the raspberry yogurt coating is so decadent… it is like dessert.

Cinn-Credible Cinnamon Packets I like putting cinnamon in my smoothies and on my cereal, so these are great to have handy.

YumEarth Lollipop Assortment YumEarth lollies are made with organic fruit and vegetable juices and are really addicting.

FreeYumm Honey Apple Oat Bar This little bar was delicious and reminded me of apple crumble — it was full of juicy apple, soft oats, and a hint of honey.

Truffle Pigs Eeeee these are so cute! I liked the Dark Peppermint one especially.

This is probably my favorite box so far – aside from the seaweed snacks, I loved everything and I’m always so excited to try new GF brands and treats. I feel better about my snacking decisions when I reach for something from my Love With Food box!

What is your favorite Love with Food item from this month’s box? Share below and let us know!


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  • ar

    I’m tired of Love with Food keep giving the gluten free box the short 32nd of the stick. First thing the box cost more and doesn’t get as good discounts as the others do at times. This box shouldn’t cost more than the deluxe box. A lot of times the tasting box and their deluxe box has a lot of gluten free products I think there Even been times all the products were gluten free. And it was better gluten free products than the gluten free box. It’s annoying when you get less products in your gluten free box than what the deluxe box gets which is a cheaper box!!! Not to mention some months a good portion of the box is some really bizarre products in the box. And I lost track of how many times they put gluten free chocolate in the other boxes but not in the gluten free box!!! Do they think gluten free people are not into chocolate? Guess what a good portion of gluten free people love chocolate, potatoe chips, and carbs! I’d you can put this type of gluten free in your tasting box and your deluxe box you should make it in your gluten free box too which hardly does!!
    This is February’s box but you can’t tell that by it products. Almost no chocolate. This is the month with Valentine’s Day in it. I have seen them put multiple gluten free chocolate in their other two boxes and the items were decent size. How about doing that for your gluten free box which cost more than your other two boxes. If you can put those products in your cheaper boxes you can put it in your gluten free boxes. I’m tired of seeing great gluten free products in your other boxes but they are not in your gluten free box. It makes no sense.