January 2017 Yummy Bazaar Full Experience Subscription Box Review

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Yummy Bazaar is a destination food club that delivers gourmet products to your doorstep every month. With the Full Experience, you receive 6-8 full sized gourmet items from a single global destination for $35.95. There is also a Sampler subscription that sends 6-8 sample sizes from various countries for $9.95. We received the Full Experience box.

This month’s theme is “The Best Of The World.” Though the Full Experience box usually focuses on a single country, this one showcases some past favorites from around the globe.

As always, the packaging looks very cool and modern, even though it is just tape and cardboard.

This month’s items were relatively durable, so they were just nestled together in the box.

The lone jar was bundled in bubble wrap.

The box is filled with subscribers favorite items from the past year.  The pamphlet featured a photo of picturesque Bassano del Grappa, Italy, but the items come from all over the world.

The product description pages give a brief description of each item, along with several suggested uses, the retail price, and the origin.

All the yummy foods in our January Yummy Bazaar Full Experience Box!

Marinella Dried Pasta Sauce Mix – Italy ($4.95):  This dry mix is a great starter for a simple garlic, oil, and pepper sauce.  It is full of dried herbs, peperoncinio flakes, and shaved garlic.

Rochambeau French Cheese Puffs – France ($2.95):  I love the idea of a French Cheezy Poof – it is completely antithetical to our idea of “French” food. But the French like to snack, too! Light and crispy, these taste almost identical to the hyper-orange big name American version, but they aren’t as artificial tasting. Very yummy!

Matiz Award-Winning Tortas De Aceite – Spain ($5.45):  This crisp bread is a traditional Spanish snack. They originated as a simple way to consume the bounty of olive oil in the country.

I love Ines Rosales tortas, with their even, crisp texture and sugary coating.  These are more rustic, with dark spots and more uneven glaze. They have a great flavor that hovers between sweet and savory. Anise oil gives them a mild licorice flavor, and the occasional sesame seed provides some toasty goodness.

Lambertz Glazed Gingerbread With Chocolate – Germany ($4.95): One of our favorite treats! These gingerbreads are rustic and spicy on the interior, with a sweet glaze and chocolate dip. They aren’t the delicate and homogenous confections of the modern dessert plate – they have an very old world feel and addictive heartiness.

Gentile Premium Organic Pasta – Italy ($7):  This organic pasta uses durum semolina and is beautifully textured.  The noodles are similar to fettuccine in thickness, but they are broken into shorter lengths. The surface is slightly rough, providing a sauce gripping texture once cooked.

Terrapin Ridge Farms Smokey Onion Mustard – USA ($6.99):  This is my new favorite burger and sandwich topping!  The base mustard is a smooth Dijon-esque mustard with strong bite.  Lots of smokey flavor is layered in, making it a perfect condiment for hunks of meat, sausages, or pretzels.

The mustard is loaded with semi-firm bits of onion, making this a very efficient way to perfectly dress a hotdog!

Klaus Criollo Dark Chocolate Bar – France ($4.95):  This super dark chocolate is prepared in France from Peruvian beans.

It is certified “Agriculture Biologique,” which I believe is the French equivalent of Organic. Only sugar and emulsifier are added to the beans, and only the criolla variety is used, a rare bean that represents only 3% of the world’s cocoa bean production.

The chocolate looks even darker than the 72% cocoa composition would suggest, and it has a smooth and slightly dry texture.

Nunshen Ultra Premium Green Passion Fruit Tea – France ($13):  A fragrant tea made from large clusters of Chinese green tea leaves.  The addition of sweet passion fruit essence adds fruity brightness to the delicate base of specially selected green tea.

The tea is packaged in cotton muslin bags and individually sealed in hermetic wrappers.

Torres Premium Potato Chips With Mediterranean Herbs – Spain ($5.79): These gourmet chips are cooked in safflower oil, so they actually have a cleaner taste than other Torres varieties, which are cooked in olive oil.  Rosemary, thyme, and oregano add a fragrant burst of flavor.

Surprise Item!

Fossier Sable Champenois – France ($4): As a bonus, they included these delicious butter cookies. Real champagne and almonds are used in the batter, lending a unique bit of French flair.  They are finished with a dunk in smooth dark chocolate.

Yummy Bazaar’s Full Experience Box is usually a fantastic journey into the food culture of another country, and it is a great way to broaden your culinary horizons and explore another culture. This box was a bit unusual – we got a world tour instead! This box contained items valued at approximately $60, well above the subscription price.

Also FYI – you can also skip or cancel at any time – and they will accommodate most special diets if you need. They have a $9.95 per month Mini Sampler box too! The sampler has smaller sized items, and every box grabs stuff from multiple countries. Have you tried Yümmy Bazaar? What did you think of this month’s box?

Visit Yümmy Bazaar to subscribe or find out more!


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