January 2017 RawBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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RawBox is a monthly subscription box promising healthiest snacks and cleanest lifestyle products. The snacks are all raw and plant-based, free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, and many other common food sensitivity triggers. Although I don’t stick to a raw or vegan diet, I love finding all sorts of new and healthy treats that make me feel good about snacking!

Raw Box really cares about the whole experience – even opening the box is pleasant and calming. I love the pretty light green tissue and the Raw Box logo.

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Here’s a look at everything in the January box! So much good stuff.

Not surprising, the January box is themed for the new year… and all of the lifestyle changes and goals we adopt at the beginning of the year.

One of the great things about RawBox is the information card. It is incredibly detailed! Because of this, the full card is really large… so the photo above only shows the entries for a couple items. For each item in the box, there is information about the product and its benefits, suggested retail price, and more! The information card also provides some suggested uses and sometimes recipes. (This month there is a recipe for Superfood Chocolate Tarts – yum!)

Natierra Blueberry Chia Crunch ($5): Chia seeds plus freeze-dried fruit? I’m in. This was a super tasty snack, although a little light… I wouldn’t want to rely on just this to hold me over between lunch and dinner, but it definitely could be part of a larger snack. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m thinking maybe combined with yogurt.

Doctor in the Kitchen Sea Salt Flackers ($6): So, I wanted to like these. They are made with just flax seeds, apple cider vinegar, and salt – that’s it… but I am not a fan. To me, they taste a little like I would expect birdseed to taste – not that I regularly eat birdseed, but I can just imagine. They may taste a little better in another flavor – for example, they also come in cinnamon currant, tomato basil, and dill. The sea salt was just not tasty enough.

Made in Nature Figgy Pops ($5): Holey cow. These are my new favorite snacks-on-the-run. They are made of fruits, nuts, seeds, and coconut and come in these great little balls. They’re like energy bombs. Super easy to carry on the trail or while exercising, not too sweet, and packed with great flavor and good stuff. I need to buy more of these!!!

California Crisps (Mandarin and Lemon) ($6): These are interesting, and strange, and better with instructions. These snacks are dehydrated lemons and mandarin oranges (a package of each). I tested them as they came and did not like them at all… but, after learning more about them from the RawBox information card, I was a much bigger fan.  Although they can be used in salads, desserts, and cocktails (or just plain), RawBox suggested dropping them in water for a wonderful spa drink. I tried this and it was delicious – especially the mandarin orange because it’s so different than the lemon water I usually drink.

Bearded Brothers Coconut Mango Energy Bar ($3): First off, let me just say I love their logo. Makes me smile every time I look at it. Second, however, the Bearded Brothers make a tasty energy bar. This one was like eating a froufrou drink on a tropical island… fruity and coconut, and full of good stuff. I liked the flavor a ton and the texture was good too. I’m definitely hoping to try more of these bars in the future!

Hum Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder ($25/15 packets): This powder is full of greens, herbs, nutrients, and more, designed to boost beauty, health, and energy. I’m not sure how much extra beauty or health I got from trying this out, but it made a nice energy smoothie. The taste was a very mild mint chocolate chip.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream ($15) and Bright Eyes Mask ($7): Two fun beauty products to get rid of puffy eyes… something I can always use! The Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream uses the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea and coffee to reduce puffiness and swelling and increase circulation. With continued usage, it also may reduce lines and wrinkles. The Bright Eyes Mask is made with hydrogel and plant cellulose to quench thirsty skin, brightening and depuffing around your eyes.

Kona Body Scrub ($7): I’ve tried these scrubs from Kona Body before and really like them. This one is “Relax” and has lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus essences. The scrub is great to exfoliate skin and coconut and almond oils in the scrub nourish and hydrate the skin as well, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. I really like these body scrubs a lot.

Navitas Naturals Goldenberries ($8): Yum. These little goldenberries are kind of like tart raisins. They’re also packed with nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamin A. I threw some of these in with a handful of nuts for a nice trail mix-like snack and liked how the tanginess complemented the fatty sweetness of the nuts. They are probably a little tart for me to eat on their own… but hey, if you love that tart sour note, you may even like these plain.

Regular Girl 7-Day Probiotic Sample Pack ($15/7-day supply): I’ll admit it. I totally laughed at this company’s clever name. These little powder packets include prebiotic fiber as well as probiotics to help maintain digestive balance. The best part is the powder dissolves very easily, is not gritty, and has no taste.  I tried the powder in a couple of different ways – in juice, in a smoothie – and didn’t notice any change to the flavor at all. An easy and fun way to get your fiber and probiotics, especially on the go.

This was another great box from RawBox. Even though I didn’t love everything in the box, I was excited to try and found a few new favorite snacks – especially the Figgy Pops! (And even the snack I didn’t like may be tasty in another flavor…) I also like the great beauty/body products that were included that make it fun to take care of myself inside and out. If you’re interested in raw snacks or even just snacks that are good for you, give RawBox a try!

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