Horror Block January 2017 Review & Coupon

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Horror Block is a monthly subscription box filled with some awesomely gruesome horror toys and collectibles. The Horror Block box ships at the very end of the month, so this is the January Box. We love getting this box each month and my boys go digging through it even though they don’t know most of the fandoms represented. It doesn’t really matter to them since they know they are scary and that is all that they care about.

First look into the box and what I noticed right off is that instead of our normal postcard size info sheet we now get a small magazine with articles and the information included.

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Everything that came in the January box. Each month we will get at least 5-6 horror related items.

Inside to the new magazine we got a nice note saying Hi and telling us about the fun inside. I’m guessing this will be in the boxes form here on out.

This month we have a total of 8 items in our box and and 6 of them are exclusive to Horror Crate. Exclusive items are awesome since they aren’t items I’ll see all over and when I do want to rep my fandom I won’t be wearing or using the same things as everyone else.  I love it.  I’m glad with the new layout we still get the fun descriptions for the items. That was one of my favorites on the old format and they are here in the new one too.

Silence of the Lamb Beanie – When I first saw this movie I was freaked out. It is scary without being so jump atcha right in your face scary. It is full on suspense and I was immediately hooked. While it is crazy warm here already, we won’t we wearing this soon we are putting it aside for next winter when we will need it again.

Resident Evil Replica Badge – My son already ran off with this and added it to his stash of spy gear. In his world, I guess spies will use badges to help get what they want. Of course, he also thinks the Winchesters are spies and they do have badges so I’m sure it all works out in his head.

Amity Island Pin – I love to collect pins and this one is so symbolic. Not only do we all know about Jaws but they even have a chomp taken out of the holder. I’m not sure I want to take it off the back so I may have to see about how to display it with both pieces.

Poison Glass Mason Jar – Mason jars are still all the rage and this one will be a great addition to my bar. I can’t wait to pull it out with my drink in it when we have friends over.

My Bloody Valentine Card – We are not huge Valentine’s people at my house but I love this one. It is so creepy and totally goes with fans of the horror genre.

Jason Mask Air Freshener – So I’m not a guy so I don’t hang air fresheners in my car but this one is actually going in my older son’s room. I’m not sure when it happened but his room smells like boy and he thinks this is funny so hopefully it will help and he will think he’s cool.

Rue Morgue Phantasm Book  ($14.95) – Most months we get the Rue Morgue magazine but occasionally they send us one of their books that that is what we got this month. This one is the film companion to Phantasm.

Shirtpunch Mummy  T-shirt (This is an exclusive but other Shirtpunch shirts go for $19.99) – I’ve always enjoyed the Mummy movies and we actually will stop on them when they are on tv all the time so I’m loving this shirt. The design on it really just pops off this shirt.  It is fantastic.

 Another great Horror Block. I’m really excited with the new information booklet and enjoyed all the articles that came in it.  There were so many exclusive items this month which is always fun and so many different fandoms in here there is something for everyone.  My boys have raided my box and taken all their favorites and I’m waiting until evening so I can enjoy a drink in my new mug.  After a weekend of sickness in my house, I’m due a nice stiff one. It will be perfect in my Poison mug. I can’t wait!

All Nerd Blocks come with a $10 credit for ShirtPunch.com! and on the back side is a piece of a picture. The idea is to collect all the pieces to win and we’ve been holding onto ours. Some pieces are going to be harder to get than others. Nerd Block has also recently launched a new site all of their own and they included a $10 credit for it as well.

What did you think about this month’s Horror Block?

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