Harry’s Men’s Razor Blades Subscription Pack Review + Free Handle!

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Target is now carrying the Harry’s Men’s Razor Blades Subscription Pack. The cost for your first box is $24.98. When you use the subscription option you’ll get the included handle for free, making the price $15.99. 

You’ll also get to choose the frequency for your subscription. After tax & my Target Red Card discount, my total price for this box is $16.11. After your first delivery, your subscription converts to a blades only delivery for $15.99.

This box has the following items:

  • 8 Razor Blade Cartridges
  • 1 Rubberized Orange Grip Handle w/ Razor Blade Cartridge

Rubberized Grip Handle:  The rubberized handle is textured for a better grip.  The shape and width of the handle fit well in my hand, and they allow very good control over the razor.  It was very comfortable to use, and I didn’t have to think about my grip at all while shaving. The handle comes with an initial blade already attached, and there is also a reusable plastic safety cover to snap on between uses.

The handle has a quick release for easily changing blade cartridges. A push forward on the collar releases the cartridge – a new snaps on simply by pressing it onto the end of the handle.

Each cartridge has five blades. I’m not sure what the optimum number of blades is, but five seems like plenty. The multiple blade arrangement does seem to help with both the effectiveness and longevity of the cartridge.  I can shave a swath of my face with a single pass instead of a series of strokes covering the same patch of real estate – the Harry’s cartridge seems to get every hair in a single pass.  This also means that each blade receives one pass worth of wear instead of the five or so passes I would have to make with a single blade safety razor.

Razor Blade Cartridge: In addition to the initial cartridge that came with the handle, the kit comes with eight 5-bladed replacement cartridges. I hadn’t shave in several days when I shaved with the kit, and I thought the blades were great.  Absolutely no cuts, and the blades sliced through my nascent beard in a single pass. I also was impressed that the blades didn’t tug at all, something that I usually experience when trying to drag a blade through several days’ growth.

The cartridges arrived in a slide-open box, sorted into two plastice 4-packs

The packs snap shut and hold the spare cartridges securely until you need them. I’ve found the blades to be very durable. I’ve used a single cartridge for several weeks before the performance deteriorated. This kit is also a really good deal. An 8-pack of Gillette’s 5-blade Fusion cartridges is about $22-24 on Amazon (and up to twice that in drug stores), and that doesn’t include a handle or additional starter blade. Harry’s provides a great shave at a good price and I liked being able to manage this subscription with our other subscriptions at Target.


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