Graze Sweet Treat Box Review & Free Box Coupon

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Graze is a weekly snack box (you can opt to get it bi-weekly too or every month) with 8 individual servings of prepackaged fresh and healthy snacks. With over 100 snacks available, you can rate the snacks you receive online to help customize your box.

DEAL: You can get an individually sized (4 count) box free for your first box in a Graze subscription ($1 shipping).
After you get your free box, pick up more free and almost free subscription boxes here!

Graze also has all sorts of themed boxes that help you whittle down your snack preferences into the box that you really want!

We got a Sweet Treat pack!

Nutrition info is included on each of the selections.  You will see a host of healthy ingredients and no weird stuff. The expiration dates for the snacks are printed on this sheet, too.

Everything is packed in neatly, and all the snacks are perfectly portable. Our family divvies them up for emergency breakfasts, special snacks, and desk snacks – depending on the family member! Most of these went to our daughter, who loves Graze and is too sweet to resist.

Apple Cinnamon Flapjack

Graze flapjacks aren’t pancakes – they’re like little granola or energy bars, but a bit more moist than we’re accustomed to in the states (this started as a UK subscription!). These have a nice cinnamon and apple taste along with the nice rolled oats and honey!

Triple Berry Smoothie

These seem to be not available anymore, which is a but funny because we just got them, but they’re available in the sharing size bag in the shop. The mini strawberries are the absolute favorite but the blueberries, cranberries and chewy banana coins are delicious. I particularly love that these aren’t fried banana chips.

Strawberry and Cream Protein Granola Topper

My daughter was thrilled by this snack!

This one included some great freeze-dried strawberries, yogurt covered raisins (no HFCS) and some crunchy granola. My 8 year old reported back in that it was the perfect “snacky snack!”

Cinnamon Pretzel

This snack is simple but delicious, with poppyseed pretzels (I love their shapes!) and almonds generously doused in a sweet cinnamon honey topping.

Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie

This one’s a perennial fave, and I’m so glad it’s portioned out for me. It uses peanuts (salted and redskin), mini chocolate cookies, and wee bits of vanilla fudge. Definitely a favorite!

Kettle Corn Kern Pops

My husband loves these – I’m a fan of neither kettlecorn nor halfkerns. Tom told me that they pop it in confined spaces to create the unique half-pops. I think it looks like eating bugs to be totally honest. He was thrilled.

Cherry Almond Bites with Graze’s Green Tea

This snack pairs a spot of citrusy green tea with cherry almond protein bars. I really liked these moist bars and even though I’m not a tea drinker, I wouldn’t say no to this snack!

Baobab & Raspberry Clusters

I honestly wasn’t entirely sure how this snack would go over with my child (I tried it and liked it). It’s a mix of baobab and raspberry coconut chips, pumpkin seeds, and apple pieces. The entire snack was eaten and two thumbs up were given, with special thanks given to the pepitas, so it worked!

Graze is an excellent, pre-portioned snack subscription that’s fantastic for keeping you out of the vending machine or just providing alternate, healthy snack choices at home. This month was really great for us both flavor and texture-wise and I think the sweet treat box is a great pick for my daughter & I to share in particular.

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