Fortune Cookie Soap Spring 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Fortune Cookie Soap is a bath & body company that regularly releases themed collections throughout the year, usually focusing on pop culture. I’ve used their products before but what I didn’t know is that they have a quarterly subscription box. The soap box includes small travel/sample sized versions of the products that will be in an upcoming collection. Since the collections sell out very quickly on release day (I know from experience!) this is an awesome way to get a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Spring’s theme is Be Your Guest in celebration of the live action Beauty and the Beast movie coming out in March. Who is going to see it? I’m torn – it’s my favorite Disney movie but I don’t like who they cast…

The information card breaks down the items by product as well as offers scent notes.

The paper crinkles evoke the color of Belle’s famous ballgown.

Magic Mirror OCD Hand Sanitiser This is one of my fave FCS products and this small size is perfect for tossing into a purse. This one smells like fruit with a bit of jasmine and leaves a faint glitter behind.

Tame the Beast Detangler Hands down my favourite scent in the box – it smells so sexy, that’s the only way I can describe it. Normally I hate patchouli but there’s also sandalwood and cherry. It smells so good.

Bonjour Whipped Cream The scent is a light lemon and tea scent. It’s a rich body butter that I enjoy.

Lumiere The scent is a fruity blend of blackberry and apple, with something slightly floral.

There’s Something Sweet Perfume This generous rollerball perfume is a rice flower scent. It’s very sweet but I like it.

Beauty Lip Tint Tangerine and vanilla make it taste like an Orange creamsicle. The tint is a very light berry. This was nice and hydrating on my lips.

Enchanted Rose Soap FCS’s unique soaps are the pride of their namesake, but this one disappointed me. The soap was very thin and flimsy and fell apart almost immediately once it got wet. Normally it seems like the soap is cut a bit thicker before it’s shaped and holds up to a lot more lathering. The scent is roses and violets and had a grassy scent.

Happily Ever After Toner Tablet I loved this, since I have had a bad cold and was very congested. Dissolve the tablet in a sink of hot water, cover with a towel and hold your face over the water to tone your skin. It contains bergamot, tangerine, and grapefruit essential oils.

This was probably my favourite FCS box. The soap was a bummer but I loved all the products and scents. I will be ordereing some fullsize items from this collection when it goes on sale. I think the way they release this box as a preview is very smart as it builds hype for the release and whets your palette.

Visit Fortune Cookie Soaps – The Soap Box to subscribe or find out more!


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  • PA Anna

    I’m not going to see the movie. I think Thomas and his aunt will be watching it. Love the theme!