Firefly Cargo Crate January-February 2017 Review + Coupon

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It is always a great mail day when my Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate arrives. I watched Firefly from the beginning and was one of those heartbroken when it was cancelled so quickly. The Firefly Cargo crate comes every other month and each box has a theme to a character from the show/movie. The theme this month is Saffron.

First look into my box this month. The items are all in the box with the flat paper items on the bottom to keep them a little safer from wrinkling.

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Everything in my crate this month.

The Firefly crate does not just send an info card but they send a whole mini magazine called You Can’t Stop the Signal. It gives information on the items in the crate and other behind the scenes stories and interviews. This month we get a farewell to actor Ron Glass who played Shepherd Book in the series. He passed away last year and is sorely missed.

The Signal starts with a nice note from Loot Crate.

The info pages in the magazine.

Saffron Little Damn Heroes Mini Master – I love getting these in my box each month and they look stunning on my shelf. I kind of want to pull them down and play with them when my younger son is playing action figures but I’m afraid they will get broken so I take to just looking at them and smiling. Saffron is a shifty girl and she has that crazy girl look and when you look at the back you can see she is always packing. There is so much detail in the mini masters and Saffron is no exception.

Inara Q-Bit Mystery Mini – I love Inara who is a professional companion which is very respectable job in the Firefly world. I think she is kick-ass and I love it.  In the boxes this month you could get either Inara or River. I would have been happy with them both.

Every crate we get a new pin to go along with the character and this month we get a “Nigh Sweetie” pin. This is in reference to the poisoned lipstick that she wears that knocks out Captain Mal.  I tell you she was a sparky little minx.

This month included a couple Flashcards. Bellerophon is the planet that Saffron’s first husband lived on and the one that the whole crew went back to when trying to steal the Lassiter gun and Osiris is the home planet of Simon and River. Each month we get a travel sticker to go along with out theme and this month it is from Bellerophon.

Normally when a keychain comes in a box my boys add it to their backpacks right away. However, this one is all mine. I’m trying to decide what bag to put it on. I was thinking my laptop bag bit I don’t carry it often so I’m really leaning towards adding it as a purse charm. I could show my love all the time. This keychain is really solid and has some great weight to it.

Lassiter Blueprint T-shirt – Another great shirt. It is not as soft as last months but I love all the detail and how it looks like a true blueprint. My tech mind even laughed that it was labeled as a Fig and they included a company loge like all true blueprints should be.

A fun box for Firefly this month. While not a main cast member she does get us to one of the best scenes in the show where we get a naked Mal!! I’m pretty sure a Naked Nathan Fillion is good for all the lady fans of the show and just a funny scene for the guys. I love the mini masters and Qbits in the boxes when they come and I have a large growing collection of them which really do make me smile.  The keychain is probably one of my favorite items I’ve gotten so far. I love all the detail of it and the solidness is awesome. I can’t wait to see what LootCrate comes up with for the next box.

The Theme for the next crate has already been announced:  it will be all about Shepherd Book who is our Worthier Poet!

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