Emma & Chloe Subscription Box Review + Coupon – February 2017

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With Emma & Chloe, you receive a unique piece of French designer jewelry ($50 to $200 value) each month for only $35. You can also shop the website for some beautiful accessories.

It comes so neatly packaged without any filler material. I love the little black bag that keeps the jewelry clean and damage free.

DEAL: You can save $10 on your first box with coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

Creation of the month is Audrey which retails for $60. Either plated with gold or deep coated in a silver bath and glazed with colored enamel.

La Gazette articles include 7 Fairy Tales Hairstyles: A  Piece of Cake. These hair styles seem simple enough to do on my own I just wish each one had a picture so I could have a visual. I few additional steps would be nice since I’m kind of a hair novice.

My favorite feature in La Gazette is A place in Paris, it gives you all the best places to try if/when you get to vacation in Paris. This month is all about the Real Romantics Spots The City of Love. The list has a dozen spots without mentioning the Eiffel Tower, which this American thought for sure would be the most romantic place in all of Paris.

There is always a fun, half insightful and half silly quiz at the end… my inner child cannot get enough. This month is “What couple do you form?” Apparently, the mister and I are the cocoon couple, we compromise to keep a proper balance in our relationship, it’s been working for the last 13 years so we must be doing something correct.

I love this long simple necklace with just a hint of color. I thought it was beautiful when it arrived but how it lays on my neck makes it breathtaking. I love that the color is only partial on the inner strand instead of fully displayed, it makes for a bolder statement.

The mark of the artist, Nils Avril.

A certificate of authenticity and advice on how to care for my new jewelry. I love that each piece comes with both of these touches.

Emma & Chloe have brought another charming piece to my door. I love how this piece can go from work to night out on the town with little to no effort. The super simple necklace is elegant and classic and I’m so happy to add it to my collection. Because the necklace is so long I will need to get a necklace tree to keep it from tangling which brings me to my favorite feature of this month’s box, the necklace was wrapped in plastic with a staple to keep it in perfect rings with no tangles.

What do you think of Emma & Chloe so far?

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