Comic Block Subscription Box Review & Coupon – January 2017

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Comic Block is a monthly subscription box from the Nerd Block Family of geek crates! With this subscription, you’ll receive comic books, a shirt, and other goodies each month.

This month marks a change for Comic Block. A booklet is included with some fun articles and you still get a description checklist.

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The checklist is still here and I can tell you I am missing an item. This has not happened to me before so I am sure I can get this corrected (I can let you know in the review for their box next month). I’m missing the comic book Power Rangers/Justice League #1. On a side note, I did receive items that were not in the description so even if I don’t get the comic, I’m still extremely happy with the extra items.

Here is the rest of the book. I like the Marvel vs. DC Doppelganger article by Sean Coleman. I keep meaning to discuss this on my own podcast.

This box is great – you can see that there is special care for the contents. Comic books are wrapped in plastic and/or bagged and boarded. The t-shirt was packed in the box well and kept everything from moving around. Also, there are more items than before because the box has increased in size.

Poison Ivy Art Print. The artwork is incredible and is by artist W. Scott Forbes. You can follow him on Instagram @wscottforbes.

Greetings Comrade T-Shirt. I am a huge fan of the X-Men and I like that I now have a Colossus t-shirt! Colossus was created by Len Wein who is responsible for the changing of the X-Men team as we know it today when he penned Giant Size X-Men #1. The X-Men became a much more international team when Len Wein creations Storm, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus became part of the corps team. I didn’t see this t-shirt on but that’s where it came from and their shirts usually go for $19.99.

Red Sonja #1 – Dynamite Entertainment – $3.99. Red Sonja is in the modern day wielding her sword and kicking all kinds of butt! The comic book is written by Amy Chu with interior art by Carlos Gomez. The exclusive Nerd Block variant cover includes art by Jeff Dekal.

Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 – Valiant – $2.99. This variant cover by Cat Cosplay is hilarious. A cat in the X-O Manowar costume is great and the surrounding border has many other cats in cosplay. The book is also pretty interesting as it’s a look as if the Soviet Union ruled the planet (sounds a lot like what DC did a few years back).

Khaal: The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor #1 – Titan Comics – $3.99. I really enjoy the variant covers included by Comic Block. Khaal’s cover is by a favorite of mine, John McCrea, who has worked on a bunch of books I really enjoy.

DC Comics Lil’ Bombshells: Poison Ivy. This can come with an exclusive 3″ vinyl toy. The other cool thing is that next month, Comic Block will include one more Gotham City Siren.

New Batman Adventures Bendable Figures. The Dynamic Duo were not in the description book so, like I stated earlier, I am extremely happy receiving these guys.

Batman – $7.99. You gotta have the caped crusader to get started on a collection of the greats of Gotham from The New Batman Adventures. Batman has had a few different looks but the black and gray with the yellow belt has seemed to be the one that sticks in the various animated series.

Robin – $7.99. Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin looks awesome. This is the Tim Drake iteration and he has one of my favorite costumes as Robin. Poor Dick Grayson got stuck with the textured Speedos. Grayson is redeemed when he becomes Nightwing (at least the most recent Nightwing costume) and I think I need to go out and get that one to add to my newly started collection. Thank you, Comic Block!

Comic Block gives a $10 code for the Nerd Block shop every month as well. You may see the puzzle-piece back of my coupon but, unfortunately, you may not have the code to get $10 off your next order. Order Comic Block today so you can!

Comic Block is such a fun subscription box! It not only has fantastic comic books, but there are also items to wear and more! I look forward to this box every month.

What did you think of this month’s Comic Block?

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