BritBox Afternoon Tea and Biscuits January 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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BritBox is a new monthly subscription box that sends you a taste of the United Kingdom! Whether you’re an expat living far from home or just want to impress your friends with food that has British pound signs on it, sign up and get ready to be transported across the pond for $39 a month. BritBox also offers one-off boxes such as this Afternoon Tea and Biscuits box that is $35 and can be purchased here. This is the box that I am reviewing today!

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Wow, this box was heavy! Look at all of the yummy items inside!

How cute are these British Party Luncheon Napkins (50¢)? I plan on putting these in my lunch box since they make me smile and will brighten my day!

Yay, a good tea for a delicious cuppa! Tetley Original Tea Bags ($9.99) have 3.125 grams of tea in each round bag and brews up dark and strong, just the way I like it and perfect for adding sugar and half-and-half. For comparison purposes, American Tetley and Lipton Tea bags both contain 2.26 grams, American “British Blend” Tetley contains 2.47 grams, and PG Tips (my usual cup) has 2.83. I switched to a bigger mug and LOVE my new tea, and now my morning cup lasts even longer! This is a very important part of my life. Every. Single. Morning (and weekend afternoons.) This is a big deal people!

Ambrosia Devon Custard ($6.09) is a creamy pudding, a bit thinner than the kind we get in the States. It can be eaten cold or hot but I poured it on the pudding shown below. My daughter thought it tasted like tapioca without the chewy bits.

Aunty’s Spotted Dick Streamed Pudding ($6.96) This pudding can be steamed on the stove or heated in the microwave, which is what I chose to do. Just remove the foil seal, heat for 30 seconds, then invert over a plate. It features golden and dark raisins and a moist spongy cake. It was pretty tasty, although I’m not sure what to compare it to. Bread pudding?

Here’s the Spotted Dick with Devon Custard on top. Comfort food!

This was my first time trying Horlicks Malted Milk Powder ($6.50) but I knew it was a bedtime drink. I mixed it with warm milk and poured into a mug and it was warm and creamy and comforting, sort of like hot chocolate without the chocolate or caffeine.

Fox’s Crinkle Crunch Butter Biscuits ($5.94) are crispy, sweet, crunchy, delightful cookies! According to the Fox website, these cookies are even better when dunked in a hot cup of something, either coffee or tea, but my husband and I liked them straight out of the bag.

Oohh, I wonder what’s inside the little box?

Some tea time charms! I linked to similar Tea Pot and Cup & Saucer Charms (87¢) on Etsy. There are a ton of different types but I couldn’t find the exact ones pictured but you can pick and choose to your satisfaction.

I’m not into big, flashy jewelry so this fits my style, plus it features something that I love, something that I can’t imagine not having in my daily life. It can be placed on a bracelet or necklace, which ever you prefer.

I think the description from the box fits McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes ($5) the best: “dark crackly chocolate, light sponge & the smashing orangey bit.”

Orange and chocolate go together rather well, and my daughter loved them and said she wished we had them here in our country. Loved getting them in this box to share with her!

I thought that Tammy, the owner of BritBox, did a wonderful job of curating this box and each item fit the tea time theme perfectly! I am just about to celebrate my 28th wedding anniversary and since I was married in England and my fiancé and I had tea while waiting for our appointment with the registrar, this box makes me nostalgic and couldn’t have come at a better time! I think BritBox is great for people who are far from home and would love a little taste of their birth country or for Anglophiles who love all things English and would like to try some classic choices. This box has a value of around $42, which surpasses the price of the box. I had a wonderful time trying old and new favorites and that box of Tetley is pretty darn nice. I plan on finishing my treats while watching Victoria on Masterpiece Theater!

What did you think of BritBox? Visit their website to get your taste of home, or to immerse yourself in the Anglophile experience!

Visit BritBox to subscribe or find out more!


BritBox is a unique subscription service that delivers authentic UK foods, sweets, snacks and surprises to members each month. Each month, a mix of 5 to 8 thoughtfully selected products are carefully packaged and delivered to your doorstep.

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