American Gluten-Free February 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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American Gluten-Free Box is a fairly new subscription box. They promise to deliver high-quality ingredients and snacks that are guaranteed verified gluten free. I am excited to dig into the box and see what they sent me – I avoid gluten when I can because of stomach issues (it runs in my family) and while it does help, I’m lucky in that I can consume a small amount of gluten without getting sick. But given a choice, I will always try and reach for something gluten-free.

DEAL:  Save $25 on a 6 month subscription! Use coupon code 6MO25.

The booklet is full of recipes in addition to the products. Seriously, there were even more on the backside of the booklet. This is awesome. The recipes use ingredients featured in the box.

Chebe, one of the companies featured in the box, sent along another slew of recipes!

Finger Lake Wine Flour ($12) This wine flour is made from wine grapes! I have never heard of this before. It can be used in baking and is a deep purple color. I am allergic to grapes so I can’t use this but I love the idea and think it’s smart to send a GF flour. There was an envelope tied to the bag containing more recipes, using both the wine flour as well as other GF products like Bob’s GF flour.

Chebe Focaccia Mix ($5.50) I love focaccia! With a good balsamic and olive oil, I can easily stuff myself. I am super excited to bake this!

Cherry Bay Orchards Dried Cherries ($2) I’m also allergic to cherries, but my mother LOVES them and will no doubt enjoy these. They are unsweetened and would probably work well for baking as well.

Equal Exchange Bittersweet Chocolate Chips ($5.50) 70% cacao and vegan, these sound great. I think I need to do some Valentine’s Day baking…

Bonus: Chocolate hearts also by Equal Exchange in their dark chocolate formula!

Andean Dream Quinoa Pasta ($4.99) I love quinoa and this pasta promises to not get mushy like most rice flour noodles. I am excited to try this with some fresh bolognese sauce for dinner.

Nessie Soup Ladle Here in Canada we have Ogopogo, but whatever sea monster you like this ladle is adorable!

This box was a great value and a lot of fun to open. I think this box would be amazing for someone who has recently been diagnosed as celiacs or has a gluten intolerance because it included so many recipes as well as staples like pasta and flour. This box is different from other gluten free boxes I have reviewed because it wasn’t just all snacks, it was large items and even a kitchen tool!

What did you think of this month’s American Gluten-Free?
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American Gluten-Free

A gluten-free food box delivering American made gourmet meal and snack items. Discover handcrafted selections that are perfect for everyday use as well as seasonal celebrations with friends and family. We donate 1% of the proceeds from each box to The Manna Food Project out of Northern Michigan, which is a food pantry and distribution center serving under privileged families and communities.

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