Whiskerbox January 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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WhiskerBox is a themed monthly cat subscription box that features artisanal luxury items for your kitty. Four to six premium items  are  included which  can be “stylish apparel, stimulating toys, scrumptious treats, and specialty items.” Discerning felines with dietary needs can opt for non-edible items. A short profile is filled out at checkout including cat’s name, gender, weight, and if treats are to be included. Whiskerbox supports shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries with each box purchased.  The luxury kitty box ships free to the United States and Canada.

Whiskerbox items are tested by feline lifestyle experts. Smokey, the head feline lifestyle expert, was a stray rescued by his humans at eight weeks old. My kitties want to know how to apply to be a feline lifestyle expert.


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First Peek

The kitties and I are excited to see Whiskerbox again! I love the purple and white presentation.

Little Lamb and Midna

Little Lamb and Midna checked everything over for me as I took pictures.


The January theme is “Cat Tidings of Comfort & Joy.” Little Lamb, Zelda, and Puss in Boots’ names are listed on the card. Zelda has decided that she enjoys farm life more than the city life. The cats go through cycles where they have a preference for the farm or the main house.

Meow Menu

The Meow Menu is a delightful information card set up as a menu. The prices reflect retail plus shipping because WhiskerBox includes products not available in local shops.

WhiskerBox January 2017

Here are the items in the January WhiskerBox!

Our first menu selection is play.

Organic Catnip Bowtie Pasta Toy

The kitties were on a catnip high from the Organic Catnip Bowtie Pasta Toy by MiniTigerDesigns ($6.26 on website, $9.00 including shipping on card). Each Made in Canada pasta bowtie contains over one teaspoon of organic catnip. The felt is made in the USA.

Kitties are high on catnip

The cats are falling asleep after playing with their bowtie toys. I had a hard time moving them later because they were still on a catnip high.

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Pumpkin Lickin’ Chicken

The kitties dined on Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Pumpkin Lickin’ Chicken (3 oz, $1.76; $5.00 with shipping on card) which was meowvelous. The made in Thailand cat food is free of grains, GMO ingredients, MSG, and carrageenan.


The pumpkin soup is excellent for cats that don’t drink enough water. It helps add moisture to their systems.

Meowmosa Treat

Every discerning cat needs a Meowmosa. Little Lamb and Puss in Boots gobbled most of the Omega Paw Meowmosa Salmon Treats with a Hint of Orange Juice (3 oz, $3.49; $8.00 with shipping on the card). Salmon is the first ingredient in the Made in the USA treat.

Little Lamb

Little Lamb forgot his manners and decided to eat the treats while I was taking pictures.

Nava Pets Organic Paw Balm

The Nava Pets Organic Paw Balm (.15 oz, $2.99; $6.00 with shipping on card) protects dry paws and skin. The kitties enjoyed being pampered with the soothing formula.

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots watched with curiosity as his eight-year-old owner applied the balm to his paw.

Classic Wool Duffle Coat in Camel

The Classic Wool Duffle Coat in Camel by Cat Couture ($45.00) is for the stylish cat. The coat has a toggle closure and d-shaped patches. It also has two flap pockets.

The adorable coat has a black liner. The three white snaps made it simple to put the coat on Puss in Boots. He wore it in the house because our yard has become a muddy mess from the constant rain/light snow. I am not complaining because we need the precipitation.

Human Treat

J, age 8, said the hard candy had a lemon taste to it.

Ready for more cat pictures?

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots is the most fashionable cat around. Little Lamb is jealous.

He was more interested in playing with the catnip pasta bowties than posing for me.


Sylvester was mostly a blur of black fur as he played the catnip toys. He enjoyed them immensely.

This is the life!

The kitties were playing with their toys when they saw J (age 8) bring the food bowl over to them.

Snack Time

They relished their pumpkin soup. I gave Midna and Little Lamb a bit of soup in separate bowls. Puss in Boots looks adorable licking up his soup.

Little Lamb

Little Lamb gathered up all the bowtie toys for himself. He kept the green one by his back paws and the white bowtie under his head while he rolled around with the red bowtie.

He was mostly a blur of fur as he played!

What a happy kitty!

Trying to swipe the camera

He would try to swipe the camera every time he rolled over. The bowties must have potent catnip in it.

The kitties enjoyed the January WhiskerBox. They enjoyed playing with their artisenal toys, having a fine dining experience, and looking stylish while having pampered paws. The cats will be rocking the coat as they enjoy their winter. The value of the box is almost $60.00 using my prices or $72.00 when including shipping of each item as described by WhiskerBox. The $60.00 value is amazing for a cat box! My favorite part of the box is the jacket because we love dressing up our cats!  The WhiskerBox is a great choice for cats that want to dress up, have unique toys, and enjoy delectable treats.

What do you think of the January WhiskerBox?

Visit WhiskerBox to subscribe or find out more!


WhiskerBox understands the needs of your cat because every single item is pawpicked by cats themselves.

Each WhiskerBox features stylish outfits, lifelike toys, and delectable treats, that can be personalized to your cat.

WhiskerBox is dedicated to improving cats lives nationwide. With every WhiskerBox purchased, catstomers directly support shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries.

Ships From US/CA to US/CA/UK/AUS/WW.
Shipping Free Shipping to the US, Canada, $15 International
99 per month

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