Sci-Fi Block December 2016 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Sci-Fi Block is a monthly sci-fi geek subscription box. It’s part of the Nerd Block family, and every month you’ll get 4-6 epic items plus a custom sci-fi themed t-shirt.

DEAL: Save 15% on the first block  by using the code HELLOSUB16 (enter this after hitting the green review order button).

The info card has all the details on the items.

Everything in my December 2016 Sci-Fi Block!

Star Trek Borg Puzzle Cube: I may have actually snorted when reading the box – SOLUTION IS FUTILE!

Here’s why I love this:

  1. It’s a borg cube
  2. I can play with it without worrying that it’s not solved
  3. I can totally pretend that it’s solved!

Seriously it’s all the relaxing fun of playing with a puzzle cube and none of the work!

I love that there’s a Starship Troopers item – one of my favorite movies! This Fleet Pin is perfect for serious sci-fi geeks. 

Terminator Shot Glasses

These fun glasses are from T2! Since I am mildly obsessed with Skynet jokes they are perfect for me. Plus, I can tie on one when Siri becomes sentient and I need to join the resistance.  However, the quality of these glasses was quite poor, and unimpressive.

Star Wars Alderaan & Death Star Tie

This tie is gorgeous! I love the sublimation graphics.  Sorry Alderaan.

It’s not altogether useful for me (as a woman who doesn’t wear ties) by my husband dorkily snapped this one up right away. 

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea T-Shirt

I was so pumped about this! I wish this subscription would focus more on classics and on written sci-fi so getting this shirt was perfect, especially since the artwork is so beautiful. If you haven’t read it, don’t forget that this classic is public domain, and freely available online (get it in paper if you insist). Definitely worth a re-read!

Star Wars Death Star Pencil Holder: This is super fantastic – chromed out and a great accessory! My Star Wars crazy kid swooped in and snapped this one up right away.

A preview of what’s to come this January 2017!  Looks like they’re mixing fantasy & sci-fi and “evolving” into Sci-Fan block. While I’m a fantasy fan I don’t know if that’s really necessary – I think if they spent a little less time on franchises and more time on actual sci-fi, that there wouldn’t be a need for it. Fortunately for me I’m a fan of both genres.

I liked this month a lot, but like the classic block, I’m a little puzzled by the obsession on villains and the dark side. Especially at Christmas time and the New Year I prefer to think of the best side of humanity (and aliens. and robots.).

What did you think about the December Sci-Fi Block?


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