We Quilt Kit Mini Subscription Box Review & Coupon – December 2016

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We Quilt Kits is a subscription box intended to empower modern quilters.  Each box has between 5 and 8 items including the latest premium modern quilting fabrics and other needful quilting supplies.

Everything came packed in a beautiful teal box with a pretty sticker on the front.

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The box was busting at the seems with lovely fabric and notions.  Just look at that gorgeous fabric!

This is the We Quilt Mini Subscription Box.  It costs $28 a month. They also offer several other varying size quilting subscription boxes ranging in price from $8 to $50.  You can check them out here.

This business card with their website and a customer support email address welcomed us as we opened the box.

This pattern was in the box for a simple table runner design was in the box.  You can find more instructions and hints and tips on the We Quilt Modern website.

There were three large pieces of fabric.  The tag wrapped around them had a picture of the finished project.  I love the colors in this box.  The fabric on the left is black dots and accented with tiny orange butterflies, the one in the center is actually navy and white, and then the orange floral.

  There were several pre-cut 3 inch squares.  A couple of them were the orange floral, then there were two in another navy and white print and a few in a solid gray.  There was also a larger piece of the solid gray.

I squealed when I saw these darling little Tailor Embroidery Scissors ($7.98)!  Aren’t they cute?  I just love them.  They are stainless steel with gold handles and precision pointed blades.  I used them to trim the stray threads after I was done making the project from the box.  They will be going in my purse because everyone should have a pair of scissors in their purse.

The notions just kept coming.  There was a flexible blue thimble.  The flexibility is nice.  I think it will work better than the traditional hard thimble.  There was a pack of 20 Unique size 8 needles ($1.49).  I always need more needles.  They always disappear and I am not sure where they went.    And, two two spools of Gutermann Thread ($3.98) that coordinated with the fabric in the box.

So, I went to the We Quilt Modern website. It’s more of a blog really.  And in addition to the instructions for the pattern that was in the box they had also used the same fabric to make pinwheels.  I was smitten, inspired and enthralled.  I had to make pinwheels!!   So, I winged it using the same basic 3 inch squares that the included pattern had used.

This is what I came up with.

So far, it is only the top.  I haven’t quilted in yet.  But, I may have danced around it screaming, “Look what I have made!!  Look what I have created!!”.  Like Tom Hanks did in Castaway when he made a fire.   I absolutely love it!!

I loved the We Quilt Mini Subscription Box.  The fabrics were beautiful, plentiful and coordinated perfectly.  And, although I chose not to follow the included pattern, it was their blog that inspired the pinwheel design that I went with.  The embroidery scissors are already safely nestled in my purse and I am planning on machine quilting the quilt top that I made using the Gutermann thread that was in the box.  This is a lovely and inspiring subscription!

What has inspired you to quilting greatness lately?  Have you tried one of the We Quilt Kit subscription boxes for inspiration?


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  • onderria

    Nicely done! I’ve never quilted, I just hear my mum talk about all of her quilts, so I know it’s a labor-intensive project that someone like myself who cannot cut a straight line with a ruler would not succeed at! =D I really like the colors and patterns that were sent–they look great together.

    • Amy M

      Thanks!!! And, don’t be afraid to try quilting. You really just have to jump in and give it a try. I have only made a handful of quilts myself!

  • Catherine

    This is so lovely! I really like the pinwheels! And the colors are so pretty!

    • Amy M

      Thanks!! I love the way it turned out. 🙂