New Beauty Test Tube January 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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NewBeauty TestTube is a beauty subscription box filled with 10+ deluxe and full-sized luxury beauty products plus a subscription to NewBeauty Magazine, delivered quarterly. This subscription is $29.95 plus shipping and is delivered every other month. NBTT recently made some changes and now says that they offer “beauty solutions” that will help solve our biggest makeup, skin, hair, and body concerns.

DEAL: Save $9 on your first box! No coupon needed, the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

One thing that has changed is the packaging! NewBeauty TestTube now comes in a triangular prism and includes a black and white doodle that you can color in if you want to zen out with your favorite coloring implements.

There were 13 items in this shipment. NBTT promises 10 or more full-sized and deluxe sample-sized products and at least $150 value.

The product information booklet is very detailed and lists the problem, solution, retail price, and insight from the editors.

Here’s a page on one of the items that I looked forward to trying since it is for fine hair and that’s my biggest beauty problem. Spoiler alert: I loved it!

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish ($3.84) I love the way magazines splash Christie Brinkley on the cover and say things like “THIS is what 60 looks like!”. No, this is what CHRISTIE BRINKLEY looks like at 60! She was a supermodel for goodness’ sake! I didn’t look like her back in the day, and I’m not going to look like her anytime in my future. However, I can use her face polish, which features aloe, several fruit extracts, and shea butter and left my skin feeling smooth. I still look like a troll, she still looks like a bronzed blond goddess, but then I don’t have her genes or bank account.

Spongellé Body Contouring Buffer with Built In Cleanser in Beach Grass ($25) This body buffer sponge has soap in it so you can just dampen to activate the suds and then smooth away to your heart’s content. The shape makes this easy to hold and one side is much scrubbier than the other so you can select the coarser side for your feet, elbows, or knees and then use the finer side for the rest of your body. The Beach Grass scent is described as “sun-kissed orange zest and dewy lotus, with delicate ocean breezes and water lilies”. It smells fresh and floral and didn’t last after I rinsed so no worries about it messing with your scented moisturizer or perfume.

Goldwell Style Sign Big Finish 4 Volume Hairspray ($6.50) Goldwell is a new-to-me brand and after trying this spray I must get my hands on some of their other volumizing products! My fine hair had body and hold for quite a long time after I used it, and that is really saying something as I have the flattest hair on the planet.

Truist Skincare Lotion-Infused Moisturizing Gloves ($4.33) Now this is something that is truly needed at this time of year: lotion-infused, one-time use gloves that deeply moisturize hands without any mess in just 15 minutes! I usually wear large gloves and had no problem getting these on my hands, although my fingers were shorter than the tips. It was cooling at first and there was no mess at all. My hands looked pretty good afterwards but I know the effect will be short-lived.

Miss Spa Detoxifying Self-Heating Mask ($3) I just realized that the picture online and the picture in the product guide do not match the product that I received, however, the description is the same so maybe they’re rolling out new packaging. This says it’s perfect for oily, clogged skin so I am not the target audience and will pass it along.

Osmosis Stemfactor Growth Factor Serum ($23.33) I did a little research on two of the ingredients in this serum and I’m not sure that I want to put it on my face! If you prefer to live in blissful ignorance, then please don’t look up “human stem cell conditioned media.” According to the testimonials, this product can remove skin tags and since I have a few of those I’m going to try it out and see if it helps. I’ve applied it a couple of times and it feels fine going on plus I didn’t have any reaction, although I used it on my neck. That spot needs some TLC.

Look at how pretty these next items are in their little pouch! They say good things come in small packages but the amount of product in these containers was indeed small, as they felt practically empty. This line is from Japan and promotes anti-aging.

There was a foldout brochure that talked about the benefits of probiotics for both oral and topical use and the company offers supplements if you want to explore that option. It included the ingredients for all but the eye cream and for some reason there is a night cream but no day cream or sunscreen in the product line.

BeBella Facial Cleanser ($2.01) is creamy and non-foaming and a little goes a long way. It reminded me of my current cleanser featuring probiotics from Acure, but the Acure is a fraction of the price.

BeBella Facial Essence ($9.10) is water-based (as opposed to serums, which are usually oil-based) and I’m familiar with their watery consistency since I’ve received them in Korean beauty boxes. This goes on after cleansing and toning and has glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

BeBella Eye Cream ($11) is more like a balm and not a cream and is applied twice a day. Vitamin E joins the probiotics but again, no ingredients are listed and it reminded me of creamy Vaseline.

BeBella Hydrating Night Cream ($8.86) wasn’t greasy or oily but I feel like I may need something a touch more moisturizing, especially during the cold, dry season. Right now the weather is pretty mild and after using these four products my skin looks pretty good!

Vbeauté Lip Spread in Scandal ($19) is an anti-aging tinted lip gloss that is supposed to self-adjust to impart a different shade on each user. I liked that it wasn’t overly sticky and the color payoff was light so I also used it over lip liner for a deeper shade.

Love Light Lips in Rapture ($22) I love the idea of this lip gloss with a built-in mirror and LED light for touch ups on the go, possibly in a darkened space. The tangerine-colored gel had a touch of glitter but not overly so and the color payoff was very light. I applied it over lip liner and liked the effect.

Here you can see the reflection of my phone in the mirror.

The LED light turns on when you press a button at the top of the lid. As you apply the product the light is directed at your lips and you can see them in the mirror. Very handy!

Grande Brow-Fill in Dark ($19.95) is for filling in the brows, which seems to be all the rage nowadays. I like my brows just fine they way they are, thank you, and generally I don’t fill them in, especially after that unfortunate Clinique makeover that made me look like a drag queen. I went ahead and tried it anyways, preparing for the worst, and it didn’t look too bad since I applied it sparingly. I’m still not a convert but I’m sure my teenager will appreciate the product.

The shade “Dark” is for those with, um, dark hair so if you’re a redhead, blonde, or other shade then I hope you can find an appreciative friend. The “Light” shade would have been more appropriate for my ashy brown hair.

Here are the lip spread, lip gloss, and brow gel swatched on my inner arm. The gloss in the middle was simply shiny and didn’t leave much color on my lips.

I think NBTT sent a nice variety of products with four full-sized products and two one-time use products but some of the other samples will only last a couple of days. This month’s value was $157.92 and my favorite item was the hairspray!

What did you think of this month’s box?

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