Moustache Coffee Club Subscription Review + Coupon – December 2016

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Moustache has really hit its stride again, serving up some full bodied coffees long on nuance. Moustache Coffee Club is a coffee subscription featuring freshly roasted single origin beans that are shipped the day they are roasted. They have a large roster of producers from around the globe, delivering small lot coffees you’ll never see in can in store shelves. Moustache is a great way to open your eyes and taste buds to the wider world of coffee and the great diversity of flavor profiles available.

Moustache Coffee Club offers several different plans, depending on your coffee demands, as few as a bag a month to as many as one five-pound bag every week. You may cancel anytime and if you don’t like the coffee you can get a refund or double the coffee. I have not yet had to use their refund policy. When you sign up for a subscription, you can get a trial size bag free to whet your appetite, or you can link below to get spotted $5 on your first bag!

DEAL: Sign up and get a $5 credit on your first bag or a free trial! Use this link to get the deal.

Moustache ships its coffee in sealed bags (they would be hermetic, if not for the specially-designed vent), so the coffee is always fresh from the roaster when it arrives – the bag is also resealable to maintain the freshness. An outer padded envelope protects your beans on their way to you. They’ve dispensed with the info card, opting to put all the relevant info about the beans and processing right on the label.

La Virgen De Oro is located at Antioquia, Colombia. The inclusion of tasting notes is really useful for getting the most enjoyment from your cup – you can call it the power of suggestion, but it’s a big help in putting a name to some of the more obscure flavor notes. The tasting notes are fairly reliable, calling out the major flavors you can tease from the cup, but sometimes there’ll be another handful of delightful notes you can discover on your own! Info on the varietal, growing conditions, and processing is included for those interested. Humorously, they began including a “start drinking on” date along with the roast date, because some people had been receiving and drinking their coffee so soon after roasting that the oils had not yet absorbed back into the beans – you get the best flavor if you let the beans rest a few days after roasting.

Moustache beans always have a very vivid nose (likely because of the short time from roast to cup), and the roast level is very appropriate for preserving the interesting flavor and olfactory notes. This bag of beans was true to the tasting notes.  I got the sweet, slightly jammy note of strawberries right off the bat, and there was a clear molasses intensity in the finish. Mid-palate did have a touch of that raw bell pepper crisp herbaceous character, but it was subtle and supported the fruit notes well. The floral notes were not distinct, instead of providing a bit of background noise, rounding out the profile of the cup.

I love the gentle processing of the beans. Many of the large coffee purveyors will over-roast their beans, cooking out lots of what makes the beans unique. Moustache applies a light hand, so much so that a portion of the husks remains tucked into the fold of each bean, an artifact that is often scorched or polished away by an overaggressive roaster.  The result is coffee that brims with vibrant flavor you’d never expect from an unflavored coffee.

Visit Moustache Coffee Club to subscribe or find out more!


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  • jlw

    it’s unfortunate that while their coffee is quite good, when they mess up they do not accept responsibility adn the customer is out the money. i had my subscripton paused while travelling, and they shipped anyhow — and then refused to credit the account! not only that, but they have no customer service phone number and so if the single person answering emails (and it takes daaaaays to get a response) doesn’t understand your email, there’s no recourse. they need to take customer service 101 classes.