January 2017 Glossybox Subscription Box Review

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Glossybox is one of the original beauty subscriptions. You get 5 luxury samples per month for $21. They have great packaging every month with the outer box (above) around the inner box (below). We are back to the normal black outer with pink inner this month.

First look inside the inner box. Every month the goodies come nestled in squiggles and then wrapped in tissue and a ribbon bow. The information pamphlet talks to us about starting out year off with some great beauty goals.  Do you have beauty goals this year?

We are also back to the fold out pamphlet this month from the booklet we got last month.

Everything in my January box.

Oolution Eye Love ($37.00) – I can use all the help I can get for my eyes. I have naturally darkness under my eyes and then with dark brown eyes and really dark eyelashes they always just look so dark. This will help to provide wide awake eyes no matter how tired or hungover you are.

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Cream Blush And Lip Stain In Secret Flush ($20.00) – This is a bit orangish for me as I’m more of a pink tone person so I’ll be passing this along. I have recently been embracing the cream blushes and this is a nice size tube so you can use it for awhile.

AG Hair Cleansing Cream Foam Free Hair Wash ($4.00) – I have a lot of hair and even when using my favorite shampoo and conditioner every so often it is good to mix it up. I love these sizes for that and also for when I’m traveling. This one says to massage a generous amount into your hair and with its anti-aging seaberry oil and conditioning base it doesn’t need to be followed up with a conditioner. I can’t wait to check that out as I almost always have to condition my hair after washing.

La Theorie des Volcans Noir Eternae Youth Potion, Face Scrub ($32.00) – I’m always up for a good face scrub and this one has such a pretty package. This one will start out pink and turn to grey as it removes your impurities, redness, and dead skin cells.

Daily Concepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber ($5.00) – I’m a body scrubber type of girl and I use them in my shower. I’m sure the one I have in there now is in NEED of replacement so I’m swapping this one it. It has two different textures with one side being gentler than the other for more sensitive areas. The label on it will also fade over time and when is gone you know it’s time to replace it. That is a feature I’m in desperate need of.

GLOSSYBOX sent a fun kick off the year box. The value was up there this month at almost $100 which is so exciting for a $21 monthly box. These are good basics this month that can be used to start your year off fresh and clean and ready to conquer the world.

The information card has a sneak peek for the February box. Next month everyone is getting a bottle of L’eau de Rose perfume in their boxes.

TIP: Your first box will be the current month until it says otherwise on their home page!

What did you think of the December GLOSSYBOX?
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