Horror Block December 2016 Review & Coupon

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Horror Block is a monthly subscription box filled with some awesomely gruesome horror toys and collectibles. The Horror Block box ships at the very end of the month, so this is the December Box. This is the side of the box and the characters go all the way around. I love it and smile every time I look at the box.

First look into the box. I always love when things come in boxes. It gives me an extra little surprise when I’m digging into the box.

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Everything that came in the December box. Each month we will get at least 5-6 horror related items.

The front side of the information card.

Back side of the card and all of the descriptions. Horror Block has great information cards. They are informative but they also have fun with their descriptions. Make sure you read through them all. I particularly like the American Horror Story Pencil Holder description this month. I love getting exclusive items in these boxes so that I have goodies that I don’t see all the time when I’m out shopping or looking online. This month we got 4 exclusive items.

Rue Morgue  ($9.95) – Each month we get a Rue Morgue magazine and I read through them all. I like getting behind the scene info and the latest updates on all things Horror. I love best and worst lists and can’t wait to read through this one and see what they think was awesome this year.

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Flask – This is where my original love of all things Horror started. I love Nightmare on Elm Streets and they were always my go-to horror movie growing up. I even remember watching them on VHS with my friends in middle school. I’m sure part of the reason we always stayed at my house was that my parents let us watch them. This flask is really great and is Freddy without being just too crazy Freddy. It shows his iconic striped sweater and then his claw marks.

Shirtpunch Ouija T-shirt (This is an exclusive but other Shirtpunch shirts go for $19.99) – Another one that reminds me of my childhood. My girlfriends and I would spend hours with the board and ask all sorts of I’m sure very important questions. I’m sure they had nothing to do with what celebrity we would end up with.
American Horror Story Crying Nun Pencil Holder – I’ve only watched a couple seasons of American Horror Story and I’ve liked what I’ve seen and I want to go back and watch the others when I get some time. This is freaky and cool and I love getting everyday type items that I can work into my decor without being too over the top with it.
Baphomet LED Candle (Horror Block Exclusive) – I was trying to get a picture of the candle with the light on which it does in this picture but it is very subtle and not too bright. My son ran off with this one for his room which I think probably isn’t the best mothering moment but still a pretty cool item for him to have.
Army of Darkness Mouse Pad (Horror Block Exclusive) – Does anyone use mousepads anymore? We don’t here for computers but I do use one when crafting. It is great to put under some cardstock when I need to get a solid image. The little bit of squish really helps the imprint.
I’m very happy with this month’s Horror Block. This one really had me doing some thinking back and that is always fun. I can’t wait to use all of my new items and represent some great fandoms for all to see. Horror Block really takes me outside my normal horror knowledge and has me looking into other movies and shows. I like how they don’t just send items from the same fandoms each month and really spread their love around.

The January box is going to include exclusive items from The Silence of the Lambs, Resident Evil, and 5 items will be exclusive to Horror Block! I love that they keep including more and more exclusive items.

All Nerd Blocks come with a $10 credit for ShirtPunch.com! and on the back side is a piece of a picture. The idea is to collect all the pieces to win and we’ve been holding onto ours. Some pieces are going to be harder to get than others. Nerd Block has also recently launched a new site all of their own and they included a $10 credit for it as well.

What did you think about this month’s Horror Block?

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