Happy Belly Snacks Review

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Happy Belly Snacks from Amazon are a new Prime member exclusive item. Each resealable bag offers different flavors and combinations of dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, etc., which is perfect for your in-between-meal cravings! Happy Belly Snacks are available in Amazon, for as low as $6.08 per 16oz bag!

I picked 3 different snacks for this review.

Happy Belly Snacks are exclusively available to Amazon Prime members. You can get them in a Prime Pantry box, on Subscribe & Save, and as a single purchase. I’ve also noticed some of the goodies at a deep discount with Alexa (to order with your Echo).

If you’re not a Prime member you can get a free trial here, and then check out more of the Amazon Prime exclusive goodies, like the Amazon Prime Sample Boxes! You may have already guessed that I’m Prime-obsessed, and if it doesn’t come from a box in my house – it probably comes from Amazon.

Happy Belly Nuts, Chocolate, & Dried Fruit Trail Mix ($6.08) My two year old saw this bag and immediately started repeated NOM! NOM!

I was disappointed by my expiration day – 04 March 2017. My account says I can return it for another year, so I’m a little baffled why this isn’t the freshest possible mix. My other expiration dates fared a bit better. Based on my previous customer service interactions with Amazon, I’m certain they’d refund my money if I was actually miffed, but this bag is almost gone!

This mix includes peanuts, M&M’s, raisins, almonds, cashews – and those are real M&M’s, not fake ones! This classic combo is made a little more fancy by the addition of almonds and cashews. Speaking of fancy, the mix uses fancy cashews, U.S. Select Sheller Run (SSR) almonds, and Jumbo Runner shelled peanuts in addition to those branded M&M’s, plus a nice sprinkling of sea salt.

It was indeed delicious. The only thing in my mind that would make this better is some artisan brand of shelled chocolate that doesn’t use all those food dyes.

Happy Belly Cranberry & Nuts Trail Mix ($7.68) One thing I really dig about these mixes is that Amazon loves cashews as much as I do! This one has dried cranberries, cashews, and almonds.

The expiry date isn’t until August on this mix.

The cranberries were chewy but soft and I am so impressed with the quality nuts they are using! Large whole pieces instead of broken seconds. I felt like the relative amounts of all the items were great and they didn’t skimp on cashews. My 8 year old daughter is in love with this mix and she’s been including a small handful in her backpack for snacktime in a little Snapware container.

Happy Belly Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix ($8.32) This mix was more unusual! It tasted best when shoving an entire handful in your mouth rather than serially eating a handful.

Included are hot-and-spicy peanuts with sweet butter toffee peanuts. My first bite was a toffee peanut and my brain had trouble processing that with what was known to be a spicy mix.

There are spicy Cajun and sweet honey sesame sticks, corn nuts, almonds, and sea salt.

I personally prefer my spicy nuts to be mostly spicy; this was a balanced sweet and spicy. Good for a crowd but not for a fire-lover like me.

The snack mixes were great, with an excellent value too! There are other snack mixes to try, including the yogurt trail mix, which is definitely on our list of must-tries, and coffee. I liked the quality and convenience of ordering the snacks but I wouldn’t let it take the place of the variety I get in a box like NatureBox or artisan snacks, or pre-portioned Graze snacks. (I’m afraid that I like the trail mix so much that I’m going to have to ask my husband to put it out of reach!)

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