Graze Variety Box Review & Free Box Coupon! December 2016

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Graze is a weekly snack box (you can opt to get it bi-weekly too or every month) with 8 individual servings of prepackaged fresh and healthy snacks. With over 100 snacks available, you can rate the snacks you receive online to help customize your box.

DEAL: You can get an individually sized (4 count) box free for your first box in a Graze subscription ($1 shipping).
After you get your free box, pick up more free and almost free subscription boxes here!

Graze also has all sorts of themed boxes that help you whittle down your snack preferences into the box that you really want!

We got an 8-snack Variety pack!

Nutrition info is included on each of the selections.  You will see a host of healthy ingredients and no weird stuff. The expiration dates for the snacks are printed on this sheet, too.

Everything is packed in neatly, and all the snacks are perfectly portable. Our family divvies them up for emergency breakfasts, special snacks, and desk snacks – depending on the family member!

Peaches and Cream: peach fruit drops, Belgian white chocolate buttons, coconut flakes and vanilla cookie drops

My unboxing helper (shown below) thought this snack was tops! She tested it out and decided she liked all the pieces. The peach fruit drops are so delicious and just bring the “white” flavors together so well. Noted also – all the “white things” have very different textures, from creamy to crunchy to flaky!

Cocoa & Vanilla Protein Flapjack: rustic rolled oat cocoa flapjack with mixed seeds

Mom snack right here – the protein flapjacks are amongst my favorites, and having 3 pieces makes it easy to share a small nibble with everyone. I always find these really tasty and satisfying.

Banana Cream Pie: chewy banana coins, pecan nuts, yogurt coated raisins and sunflower seeds

I love Graze’s banana coins! So much healthier than deep-fried banana chips. This is another giant fave with yogurt coated raisins and some nuts to keep bellies happy.

Chia Coconut Cookie & Special Blend Black Tea

These cookies are dense, but really yummy, and a great pairing with the tea. My husband approved of the bergamot-infused blend.

Protein Peanut Butter With Pretzel Sticks Dipper: The peanut butter here is just peanuts and oil, so that’s really simply fantastic. The pretzels look funny but pair perfectly with the PB!

Everything Bagel: cheese flavored cashews, poppy seed onion sticks and roasted pumpkin seeds

We really love this snack! Everything is delicious individually and even better all together. It just packs a savory punch and perfect when you’re craving something carby and highly seasoned.

Tuscan Pesto Kern Pops: cheddar cheese popped corn kernels and mini basil breadsticks

My husband is wild over the kern pops – half-popped corn that’s seasoned up – and I may have snagged some of the breadsticks, which are wildly tasty. This is a fun flavor combo that we enjoyed!

Garden of England: soft apple pieces, mini strawberries and blackcurrants

My tiniest helper was on the prowl for this one! And how could I say no? This snack is so simple – fruit pieces + fruit juice (to sweeten) and the strawberries & currants also had a touch of sunflower oil. That’s it. Plus it kept him occupied for a good 15 minutes with separating the 3 fruits, rearranging them, and then deciding what to eat (eventually, all of it!).

Graze is an excellent, pre-portioned snack subscription that’s fantastic for keeping you out of the vending machine or just providing alternate, healthy snack choices at home. This month was really great for us both flavor and texture-wise!

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