Doki Doki Boxie Subscription Box Review – January 2017 Review

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Doki Doki Boxie is a Japanese snack subscription. Each month, subscribers will receive a box full of yummy and unique treats directly from Tokyo, Japan!

They offer two subscription box variations: Chibi Box, which has Japanese snacks only, and Deka Box, which has premium Japanese treats and an option to include one anime/game character item.

I love the fun look of the 2017 contents pamphlet.

21 treats with a short description, picture and room to write your thoughts.

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Yuki no Yada Senbei. It’s a rice cracker with sweet icing. Amazing how something so light can perfectly balance sweet and salty, the only issue is I could eat the entire package in one sitting.

Sapporo Potato BBQ Chips. These chips have a light texture and a savory flavor combination. I was surprised at how much flavor is packed into these light airy crisps.

Amijaga (Consomme Flavor). These chips are thick cut like waffle fries with a much better crunch than any chip I have ever had. The flavor is supposed to be a mixture of garlic and vegetable, but all my daughter and I could taste was garlic. This is not a bad thing in our opinion it was what made us polish off the entire bag.

Caplico Mini. It’s a cute mini version of an unmeltable ice cream cone! It tasted just like strawberry ice cream in a chocolate-filled cone. What makes this a true winner is no melting mess and you can eat it as fast as possible without the frozen headache.

Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ Pudding Parfait. We have yet to try this as all the directions are in Japanese and I haven’t found a good youtube video yet.

Cola Punch. It’s a hard carbonated cola flavored candy, it was strange and delicious all at once. It really felt like I was drinking a soda. Personally, the chalky feeling that was left behind was enough to make me rethink eating another one.

Fried Sea Urchin Rice Crackers. These might be popular in Japan but in my house, they were thrown away after one taste. They taste like I imagine the ocean floor must taste like if one were to lick it clean – overly salty and dirt-like.

Umaka Mayonnaise. Crunch little puffs that are supposed to taste like mayo. I thought it was more ranch like than mayonnaise but apparently, in Japan, they use only the yolk of the eggs to make mayo. I do like that the package reminds me of a Phineas and Ferb character Ducky Mo Mo.

Tabekko Aquarium. there are 47 different kinds of cute sea animals in this chocolate biscuit aquarium. I love that it’s like eating thin slices of milk chocolate on a crispy cracker and it’s all melt in your mouth good. Another added bonus is they have added calcium, it’s a win all around.

Bit Sawayaka Strawberry. Sawayaka means refreshing in Japanese and that’s exactly what this strawberry filling coated in milk chocolate is, it’s almost as good as fresh berries in chocolate. It was so good I didn’t share and I’ve been looking for places to order more.

Mochitto-Purin. Mochi is a popular rice cake, these are filled with custard cream and marshmallow. The texture alone made it so I couldn’t touch these so there was no way I was going try eating them. My daughter said they taste like jello with very little flavor other than the vanilla powder. She loved that they were so sweet.

Gumi Choco Strawberry. These are strawberry gummies dipped in milk chocolate. Let’s just say the texture is different and a little bit interesting but overall, I really enjoyed this treat. I love that strawberry seems to be the flavor of choice for most of the candies featured, dunk them in chocolate and they have my heart.

Country Ma’am Mini. These are Japan’s most famous cookie. Chewy on the outside with a soft center. It was melt in your mouth delicious and put any other prepackaged cookie to shame. With a full mouth my daughter begged to fin these on Amazon.

Ramune Watagashi (Cotton Candy). I was super impressed at how fluffy this was for being packaged, it wasn’t hard and still denigrated in your mouth. The overly sweet taste reminded me that I’m no longer a child and I battle diabetes on a daily basis. My daughter won in this round.

Garibori Garlic Ramen. The insert said you could eat them dry or make them into soup, I was feeling lazy so we tried them straight out of the package, so good! The garlic flavor is strong but not strong enough to ward off any vampires. I will be adding these to salad for a much-needed crunch and new texture.

Pucchito Kudamono (Grape). The gummy texture was too much for me. I could not finish this as it reminded me of eating hard gum that would not break down. My daughter loved the overly grape packed taste and devoured the entire package without thinking of sharing them with her father.

Ozack (Roas Beef Flavor). These chips are thick like kettle chips and they are full of flavor. At first I thought, roast beef flavored chips would be terrible but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved them and even enjoyed the hint of horseradish.

Choco Flakes (Strawberry Condensed Milk Flavor). It was like eating a bowl of cereal with condensed milk poured on top without them being soggy or wet. I’m not a huge cereal fan, but these were pretty good after I got past the disgustingly sweet portion. I could see adding them to yogurt with fruit for a balanced meal, my child on the other hand poured them directly from the bag to her mouth.

Pick Up (Cheese Flavored). The cheese flavor is packed into these tiny little chex like baskets. They are crispy and so easy to over eat because they are so light. Apparently the secret ingredient is soy sauce, who would have guessed.

PaiCro (Roasted Almond). Crispy, light and buttery croissant shaped, my second favorite item in the box. It was like eating a toasted sweet cereal, it would have been wonderful with milk. I shared all of 4 of these with my family and then hoarded the rest of them for myself.

This cute little guy is from Danganronpa the Animation, a video game created for the playstation. The game is centered around an elite high school with one average student who is chosen by lottery.

All of these goodies were packed into one box and it was so much fun. I love trying new items and getting them shipped directly from Japan made it that much more amazing. Now, as amazing as the box was, I miss being able to read labels and see what I’m putting into my body as well as seeing if there are any allergens. I think the greatest thing about this box was getting to share laughs and faces with my daughter as we tried foods from another country. She has decided to keep a running list of items she enjoys so that when she does get to travel she won’t starve. I was behind this idea until I realized that it’s mainly the sweet foods she likes.


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