DegustaBox UK December 2016 Subscription Box Review

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DegustaBox UK is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite food and snacks to your doorstep. The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 products and goodies! This box is always filled full with so many goodies and new things to try.


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This box is really decorated inside and out. While the outside has little food items on it, the inside is full of bright green words. So much detail for a food box. The brown butcher paper keeps everything nice and neat inside.

Everything in the Winter box! The box included a range of packaged food products covering the spectrum from convenience meals and snacks to sweet treats and more healthy items. I tried them out during the holiday week when my parents were visiting, so I was able to test out most of the products on four sets of taste buds.

The information sheets are always great and full of information on the included items.

Hoots Salt & Vinegar (£0.69) and Salt & Pepper (£0.69). I received two packs in the box. These are billed as a snack alternative to crisps and are basically like a mini crostini. They are a multigrain snack that’s baked, not fried, but if you read the label, nutritionally they are not that far off from your average potato crisp (with more protein).

That said they are delicious – crispy, crunchy and buttery tasting. The salt and pepper flavor has a nice kick of heat from the black pepper which I really enjoyed.

Bite+ Multi Grain Flakes (£1.69). I received one pack of sea salt & pepper flavor in my box, although the box was supposed to come with two packs. These are a healthy alternative to potato crisps, very crispy and reminiscent of a savory rice cereal flake.

If you enjoy eating dry cereal by the handful but wish it wasn’t so sweet, then you’d enjoy these. They tasted fine and had a nice crunch but won’t become my go-to snack anytime soon.

Bahlsen Lebukchen Mischung (£1.99). I received two bags of these traditional German Christmas biscuits in the box, although the box was only supposed to contain one bag. The Lebukchen Mischung are similar to gingerbread biscuits in an assortment of shapes and different glazes.  They are somewhat of an acquired taste – dry but soft, almost pillowy, with a slightly bitter taste from the spices.

I preferred the the Akora which are a ginger biscuit with an apricot jam center, coated in dark chocolate.

These were a bit more moist than the mischung and reminded me of an orange jelly-filled chocolate with a bit of ginger flavor.

Nutri-brex (£3.79). This is a gluten free breakfast biscuit made with sorghum. Any lover of that other ubiquitous wheat breakfast biscuit would enjoy this gluten-free alternative.

It resembles the famous biscuit in its dry flaky texture which quickly gets soggy when introduced to milk, with the bonus of a teeny tiny hint of coconut and cinnamon and a slight crunch from crispy rice. The cereal was nice crumbled over yogurt and fruit or served with milk. Everyone enjoyed it.

Bristows Apple & Cinnamon Oh Fudge! (£4.49). My box contained a surprise box of fudge not listed on the product card – bonus! This is good fudge, very sweet and creamy.

I found the flavor to be a nice twist on classic fudge, with tiny pieces of dried apple and a hint of warming cinnamon.

What a Melon Watermelon Water (£2.00).This was the product I was most excited to try I love watermelon juice!  It’s one of my favorite things to drink with breakfast or snacks when traveling in tropical climates.

Everyone in my family agreed that this watermelon water was not good. It tasted nothing like the watermelon juice flavor I was expecting and was a murky dark pink color. It was unpleasant to drink and almost tasted like it was old or spoilt.

A2 Milk (£1.39). This is a long-life British milk product which requires no refrigeration until opened. It is supposed to be easy to digest because it is naturally free of the A1 protein which triggers symptoms of lactose intolerance in some people. I haven’t opened it yet, but have stored it in the cupboard for a rainy day when I’m out of milk and can’t be bothered to go out to the shop!
Newton’s Appl Fizzics (£1.29). This natural drink made of apple juice and sparkling water was refreshing, and tasted much as you’d imagine, like a milder version of apple juice with a touch of fizz. I’m not much of an apple juice drinker, but I thought it was okay. We all agreed it was just not quite as refreshingly fizzy as similar products on the market.
Maggie 3 Minute Noodles (£0.75). What is there to say about a pot of instant noodles? I haven’t had these since college but they were just as I remembered – easy-to-make and easy-to-eat noodles in a light chicken broth.
Gallo Risotto (£2.29). This risotto pouch can be cooked on the stovetop or in the microwave. I opted to cook it on the stovetop which supposed to take just two minutes.
I heated it for longer because the grains were still stuck together from the package, therefore my end result was somewhat gummy – in hindsight I should have made sure all the grains were unstuck before adding to the pan.
As per the directions, I stirred in some butter and fresh parmesan at the end of cooking. The flavor was fine, very mild, and not as creamy as a risotto should be.
Have you tried DegustaBox?


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  • PA Anna

    It’s interesting to read the UK version of Degusta Box. The traditional German Christmas biscuits look delicious.