Green Kid Crafts November 2016 Feathered Friends Subscription Box Review

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Green Kid Crafts is a subscription box that sends 5-8 themed projects made with eco-friendly materials to your home every month. The boxes contain hands-on explorations in science, math, technology, engineering and art that are intended to challenge children from 3-10 years of age.

November’s theme was Feathered Friends.


This got my son very excited. He is fascinated by birds and often passes the day away looking at the birds outside in our yard (since we’ve started gardening together, we’ve been attracting a lot of insects to our yard, which in turn has attracted the birds!).


My son couldn’t wait to make things for our birds. This month’s activities arrived grouped together by theme. The introductory card depicted four of the five exercises: making homemade bird themed window clings, making bird puppets, creating a nesting bag ornament, and making bird feeders. Sounds like fun!


Before we began, we checked out this nice visual representation of the different activities awaiting us in the box. Then we got to work.


We began by talking about birds and what we can tell about a particular bird by its beak and feet. We also enjoyed chatting about the quick facts about birds printed on the right hand side of the card.


My son was excited to make his own bird feeder!


In this activity, kids spread sunflower butter on a pine cone, dip the pine cone in birdseed and hang it from a tree with a piece of yarn. Once he finished making his bird feeder, I helped my son hang it from a branch on a tree in our backyard.


Next, my son got to work making a different type of bird feeder.


Here, my son and I dissolved gelatin in just a little bit of water. Afterward, we added the remaining bird seeds and added the mixture to 3 small cups. Next, my son inserted straws into the middle of the bird seed/gelatin mixture and placed his cups into the refrigerator to set. After four hours, he removed the cups from the refrigerator, popped out the bird seed and hung the doughnut holes with a piece of string.


The next activity was a craft. Here, children construct two different endangered bird puppets.


First, my son chose the whooping crane puppet.


He loved playing with his completed bird.


Next, he and his sister made the Mexican Spotted Owl puppet together.


Ta da! Once both puppets had been made, they played together with their puppets.


When my son was little, he loved playing with “clingers.” Now was his chance to make his own!


They were pretty easy to make and turned out great! All that was needed was regular glue, puffy glue paint, plastic and a template. Once his new clingers had dried, we affixed them to the windows in our home.


The final activity asks kids to create a bird nesting ornament so that birds will be able to find needed materials for their homes. My son looks forward to completing this activity once the Thanksgiving excitement has worn off.


What a fun box of crafts and bird friendly projects! My son and I both love the nature bent of this subscription box, and we had a lot of fun this month working through the crafts together. It’s an added bonus that we get to learn together as we create. My son and I both eagerly await our Green Kid Crafts boxes each month, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll learn about next month!

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