Decor Steals Christmas Surprise Box Review – 2016

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Once or twice a year Decor Steals releases a surprise box. The Decor Steals Christmas Box ($54.99) was released on Cyber Monday and sold out in a few hours. A few weeks later I received a giant box via Fedex!

Once or sometimes twice a year we bring you some of our coolest deals wrapped together in a surprise box! We bring it to you today to celebrate Christmas! This Surprise box is all Holiday themed items so we can get ready for the upcoming Holidays!!

It’s just our way to give something back, to make you happy and to draw a BIG smile on your faces! Celebrating each and every day with you TRULY means the world to us! May you have a wonderful Holiday season!

Everything in the Holiday Box!

White Pair Of Ice Skates With Glitter Lining ($19.99) These resin skates are begging for holiday decor to be stuffed in them.

The boot tops are glittery. This is a fun item. I think I may use mine to stuff bills in for the winter, and I liked how they could be used all winter!

Snowflake Stamped Galvanized Metal Sleighs, Set Of 3 ($43.99)  A trio of metal sleighs!

In 3 sizes, they are all stamped with snowflakes and have some sort of “wash” on them that’s supposed to approximate galvanized metal.

Actually touching them stresses me out due to the chalky finish. I would not put them directly on wood furniture and will honestly probably package gifts in them so I can dispose of them. Two sleighs too many?!

Distressed Red Wooden Nutcracker ($26.99) Yay! I love nutcrackers! This one is really giant, about 20″ tall.

He’s a bit of a faker, with a faux mouth.

I received this box less than a week before we are leaving for Christmas vacation, so if you’re reading this the next time it comes out, keep in mind that you may only get a few days of enjoyment out of the items.

I thought the box was fun, but overpriced. For $30+ shipping it would have been amazing. $35 would still be great, but $55? I don’t think so! I felt like I could have bought all these kinds of items for about $35 by myself! I wasn’t particularly impressed with the quality or style of the items, and think if faced with the choice, I would recommend the yearly $50 off $100 deal at Target as an alternative.

What did you think of the box?


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  • Janet

    I thought I was missing something, but I guess I wasn’t. The only thing I liked was the nutcracker. Thank you for your review.

    • Brandy

      still waiting on this year’s!

    • Brandy

      and p.s. even though i wasn’t totally crazy about it, we did use just about everything. the nutcracker really was the best, i think you may be able to see it in an upcoming fabkids review. but my kids insisted on the skates, etc when we pulled all the decorations out.

  • PA Anna

    I received the same box. It was not to my taste.