December 2016 RawBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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RawBox is a monthly subscription box intent on delivering only the healthiest snacks and cleanest lifestyle products. The snacks are all raw and plant-based, free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, and many other common food sensitivity triggers.  I really enjoyed the November RawBox and I was excited to see what December’s box would bring!

I love how pretty this box is upon opening it!

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Here’s a peek at everything in December’s box!

As the information card notes, “holidays are joyful, but they can also be a challenge for many of us.” The card encourages a few minutes of “me-time” away from the hustle and bustle to keep emotionally and physically healthy – and the box includes a few treats, like room spray and chocolate treats to make the most of that “me-time.” I totally need to be reminded of this!

In addition to this great reminder for holiday time, the other thing I love about RawBox is how detailed the information card is. The photo above, as well as the one below, show just a few of the items because the full card is too large to photograph in detail. For each of the items in the box, there is data about the product, suggested retail price, where to purchase, and more! Additionally, there are little “Food for Thought” notes that provide information about best uses for the products (like eating the Rawxie product with fruit or salad, as shown above, or explaining the company origins of RawCrunch, as shown below).

Especially for the new-to-me products, I find this so incredibly helpful!

rawxies Chocolate Brownie Heart Cookie (1.5oz, $2): I’ve had rawxies heart cookies before and really like them. They are a really good tasting, yet clean, treat, that still provides some nutritional value. Yum!

Go Raw Salt & Vinegar Coconut Crisps (2oz, $6): OK. So I love, love, love salt & vinegar potato chips. And I’m also a big fan of coconut crisps, but I’ve only ever had sweet flavors… cocoa or salted caramel coconut crisps. I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d think of savory coconut crisps, but I gave these a shot. And they’re… OK. They’d make a mostly acceptable (and way healthier) substitute for salt & vinegar potato chips, but the coconut creates an odd underlying sweetness that doesn’t jive. Because of that, I probably wouldn’t reach for these as my first choice for a savory treat, but like I said, as a substitute… not a bad option.

Sky Island Organics Trail Mix (1.75oz, $10 for 3.5oz): Pistachios and cashews are my favorite nuts, so I knew I’d love this trail mix. Add in some apricot kernels and cacao and this snack is delicious! I’d definitely buy a big bag of this to have on hand for day trips or the snack drawer in my desk at work!

NutrawBar Coconut Raw Bar (1.4oz, $3): If you love coconut, this bar is for you. Made with just almonds, dates, coconut, and coconut oil, the pure coconut flavor really shines through. Yum! And good for you!

Ello Raw Pecan Pie Bites ($5): These little dessert bites are kind of amazing – they seriously taste like Grandma’s pecan pie, but without all the unhealthy processed stuff that my Grandma used when she made pie. I only wish these had come in a bigger bag! (On second thought, it’s probably good they didn’t!)

Soul Sprout Almond Butter Truffles (2oz, $4): I will admit, I’m a little obsessed with candy truffles. And these are actually pretty tasty. They’re made from almond butter infused with yummy flavors – I got to eat Green Tea Vanilla, which was super yummy. They’re pretty close to dessert, but still pack some protein, which is awesome.

Raw Crunch Mango Coconut Bar (1oz, $3): This bar was OK – it was just the right amount of sweet (not too much), but I wanted a little more flavor. All in all, though, it was a good snack.

Burkart Organic Dried Peaches (8oz, $10): I love dried fruit, and I love peaches, but I don’t know that I’ve ever had a dried peach before. These peaches are ah-maz-ing. No. Seriously. As close as you can come to eating a peach (and without that pesky juice dripping down your chin… it may even be an improvement on a peach). I am truly enjoying this snack!

Truce Lavender and Lemongrass Room Spray (4oz, $7): Last, but not least, and perfect for holiday entertaining is this fresh, clean smelling room spray!  Made with essential oils, it creates a nice atmosphere in any room without any heavy chemical smells or residue.

I think I probably liked this RawBox even more than I did last month’s! The snacks were healthy & clean, but also pretty awesome tasting (except for the savory coconut crisps, but maybe those will grow on me). I liked the inclusion of some “treats” like the truffles – makes it a lot easier to keep taking care of myself over the holidays if I can have a special dessert that doesn’t totally knock me off my eating plan!

What do you think of the December RawBox? Share below and let us know!

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