Arcade Block November 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Arcade Block

Arcade Block is part of the Nerd Block family of subscriptions and is a monthly video game mystery box. Arcade Block focuses on 4-6 video game collectibles, one exclusive gamer t-shirt, and a promised value of $60.00. Arcade Block begins shipping on the 25th of each month.

First Look

DEAL: Grab 15% off your first Arcade Block with coupon code HELLOSUB16or save even more with a longer subscription. Enter this code right after pressing the big green review order button.

* Disclaimer: All current Arcade Block subscribers will be automatically n the E for Everyone Gamer Block. You will be able to switch to the M for Mature Gamer Block shortly. Stay tuned for more details to follow. Brands featured are generally suitable for ages 17 and up.

Big news! Arcade Block is switching its name to Gamer Block. All subscribers will be assigned to the E version unless you switch to the M for Mature Gamer Block.


I believe this is the first time I received Arcade Block wrapped in shrinkwrap.

Product of the Month

The November Arcade Block Product of the month is Diablo 3: Book of Cain.

Information Card

The Information Card lists the items and descriptions. There are three exclusives this month.

Arcade Block November 2016

Here are the items in the November Arcade Block.

Pac-Man Lanyard

T (age 17): It’s Pac-Man! This is a very nice lanyard. Pac-Man is rushing to a power pellet with Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde chasing after him! The original logo is on the lower part of the lanyard and also on the top.

Run Pac-Man

PA Anna: The Pac-Man Lanyard (appx $5.50) is a little different than the one in the link. Everyone in the family loves Pac-Man. We love playing Pac-Man games and watching the cartoons.

Exclusive Master Sword Tea Infuser

T: The Master Sword! Anything Zelda is welcome here. This sword tea infuser will help hold me over until Breath of the Wild comes out. I’m not a big tea drinker so I’ll probably just put it on my desk.

PA Anna: Remove the Master Sword’s handle to fill the sword with loose tea.

Exclusive Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Shot Glasses

PA Anna: My first thought was the Exclusive Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Shot Glasses would make an excellent gift.

T: There are four shot glasses from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Two of the glasses feature Special Combat Air Recon design and two feature a Retribution design.

Diablo 3: Book of Cain

T: I don’t know much about Diablo, but this is a good book if you’re into the lore. It’s very informative with lots of sketches but since I don’t know the back story I didn’t really understand it.

PA Anna: The Diablo 3: Book of Cain (RV $34.99) is Arcade’s Block Product of the Month. Amazon describes it as

Since the dawn of time, the Eternal Conflict has raged between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. If the Prophecy of the End Days holds true, mankind will soon find itself trapped in the middle of this never-ending war. Here renowned scholar Deckard Cain has combined excerpts, illustrations, and firsthand knowledge to pen a history of the world of Sanctuary. His writings depict the insidious Prime Evils (Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal), shed light on Tyrael and the other archangels of the Angiris Council, and illuminate humanity’s hope and enduring heroism in the face of overwhelming terror. Revealed also are the untold mysteries, from the origins of mortals and the secrets of the nephalem to the gathering darkness of the End of Days. So take heed, dear reader, and bear witness to the truths that lie within. Known for blockbuster hits including World of Warcraft® and the Warcraft®, Starcraft®, and Diablo® franchises, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software renowned for creating some of the industry’s most critically acclaimed games. Blizzard Entertainment’s track record includes thirteen #1-selling games and numerous Game of the Year awards.


PA Anna: The illustrations will thrill all Diablo 3 fans.

Beautiful Style

PA Anna: The styling of the pages add to its charm.

What is in the back?

PA Anna: There is an envelope attached to its back cover.


PA Anna: The map is detailed oriented. It’s a book that a fan would appreciate.

Exclusive Ugly Christmas NES T-Shirt

T: This shirt has a Nintendo Entertainment System with controllers, Duck Hunt guns, Nintendo Virtual Boy and cartridges all over it! Definitely, the best ugly shirt I’ve ever seen.

PA Anna: T is playing it cool. He wants the shirt.

J is wearing a size Medium

PA Anna: J is wearing the shirt over another shirt. He wants to be like big brother and is working out.


PA Anna: We received a $10.00 credit to the Nerdblock shop and ShirtPunch. Time to do Christmas shopping!

 T: I was excited to see a Pac-Man and a Legend of Zelda item in this box.

PA Anna: The November Arcade Block had a great mixture of game franchisees. There were a few great adult items this month such as the shot glasses and the book. The box was mostly a miss for my family because all the cool items were related to more adult franchises. Arcade Block is an excellent choice for gamers that enjoy having a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive items from their favorite games.

What do you think of the November Arcade Block? Share your comments below!


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