Wealth Development Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2016

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Wealth Development is a subscription service designed to teach you about different aspects of your finances each month. It’s more than just books and  how-to’s though, it also includes snacks and activities to help make the process more enjoyable.

You can get a box for $24.99 or sign up for a longer term subscriptions. This box is great for someone just starting out with their first job or years into “adulting” and  realizing they need some help in this arena.


The theme of this month’s box was budgeting. The Welcoming card had a cute little piggy bank reminding me to save. I was pleasantly surprised to see there were treats and an oil included in my box!

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Everything in this box!


100+ Budget Tips Guaranteed to Immediately Save You Money & Time ($8.0o) is a list of do’s and don’ts with interesting tips and tricks. Helpful websites are identified that help save money, like Groupon. It encourages  dining differently, like ordering an appetizer as a meal and not being afraid of taking left-overs home.

Effortless Money Management ($7.99), the bonus item, is a no-nonsense guide on getting yourself to sit down and track what you are spending. It provides guidance on how to pay off debt, and take control of your finances.


Both books have a relatively large font and are not very long reads.  If your parents or teachers ever sat down and took you through what you need to do to manage your finances well, they would have included a lot of the things in this book. The information makes sense and is definitely helpful for those who need a gentle reminder on what to do and why.


The Budget Notebook by Ashley Shelly ($13) is a ledger with space for notes to help you keep track of what you spend. As you learn in the books above, you can’t take control of a budget without keeping an eye on it. The ThatsThePLan Bill Dube Planner Stickers ($3.50)  are a useful addition that can help you see when things are due.


Now for the FUN extras… the treats! These free2b Dark Chocolate Sun Cups ($2.39) made me a little apprehensive at first before of all the “no this, that or the other” on the package. I absolutely love peanut butter cups, so I was curious what this version had in store. After I took that first bite, I knew this was something GOOD. They use sunflower seeds to make the filling in this cup. It was almost like taking a handful of seeds and dipping them in chocolate. I call it a winner that I will definitely look for in the future.


The free2b cups shared all the things their facility is free from on the back of the package. There is no eggs, sesame, soy or gluten just to name a few things.


Finally, dealing with all of this financial stuff can definitely lead to anxiety. They provided a cure to that as well! The Eden’s Garden Anxiety Ease Synergy Blend ($5.95) It has the scents of Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, and Ylan Ylang. I personally did not care for the scent as it reminded me of the new diaper smell. Yes, I sniffed one at some point, but I’m sure the combination will be pleasant to some folks. Much like a candle, you have to find the scents that work for you!

The 5 items, plus the bonus item, amounts to $40.83, which is a great value. You should definitely consider Wealth Development if you or someone you know needs some help and encouragement in getting their financial act together. This way, you’ll get monthly advice on what to do without having to bring the subject of managing finances up to friends and family.

Visit Wealth Development to subscribe or find out more!

Wealth Development

Wealth Development is a monthly subscription box designed to get you excited about your finances. How do we accomplish this goal? We deliver an assortment of snacks, activities, books and more educating customers on personal finance basics. Every month revolves around a theme where customers are greeted with fun tools to inspire serious financial action. We believe everyone should feel empowered about their finances. We hope Wealth Development can expose you to new ideas and assist in your journey of wealth and abundance.

99 per month


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    Well…. I don’t want to say it …. but the first thing to cut when doing a budget is this box!