Rockets of Awesome Fall 2016 Subscription Box Review – Boys!

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Rockets of Awesome is a quarterly clothing and accessories personal styling subscription box for kids. Each season, you’ll get a box filled with high-quality, stylish and comfy clothes. There’s no styling fee – just pay for what you’d like to keep and return the rest.

Boxes are available for both boys and girls. I signed up for both my big kids and received a notice that because of demand there was a delay on the boys box. This wasn’t a surprise because not all the kids styling subscription boxes are available for boys.

When you sign up you’ll answer a quick and easy kid to help set your style preferences for your child. The box itself was decorated and you can break it apart and color the whole thing.

In every box you’ll get 8-12 pieces, all from the Rockets of Awesome brand. There is no discount for keeping everything.



The box is filled with awesome clothes to the brim!


The information sheet with the item list and retail price is folded inside a bi-fold booklet. The sheet also comes with a set of instructions on how to return your item(s).


Everything in my Fall 2016 Rockets of Awesome Boys box!


Skeleton Crew Socks ($10) Nope. I don’t care how cute they are – I would never spend $10 one one pair of socks for a 5 year old.

Note: we received a box half full of short sleeve shirts in late October in Pennsylvania. We had the same issue with our girl box. Please note that I wasn’t keen on getting short sleeves when we are already wearing winter coats, but I won’t repeat it for every short sleeve shirt here.


Stripe Henley ($20)  This shirt has a cute style, and I greatly appreciate the button front (the kid has a big head) and the fact that the stitching is expert enough that the stripes line up. It’s a nice, basic style.


Camo Tee ($18) I don’t recall there being preferences regarding camo, which I don’t particularly care for. This shirt was a synthetic sporty material.


The bottom edge says zero to awesome!  rockets-of-awesome-boys-fall-2016-8

We Are Awesome Tee ($16) I love the branding for the clothing – it says We are Awesome, and as much as I love the awesome sentiment, the royal we is a little bit weird! Or maybe it just means humans are awesome? My daughter would have dug this shirt – she didn’t get any “Awesome” shirts in her box!


Pocket Tee ($14) This is a basic blue shirt with a pocket tee. While it’s my kid’s favorite color, it’s a tad boring. The price is accordingly lower than the rest of the items, but the premiums seem steep for very basic kids’ clothes.


Striped Polo ($20) Again, I appreciate a matched stripe! But we did think it was… a little bit boring. These clothes could use jazzing up!


Chino Pant ($26) I wanted to love these pants – but this guy already has a pair of bright blue pants, and the closure isn’t easy to use for a 5 year old (photo of similar one on jeans below). I was pretty disappointed about that, and thought it was a really poor choice. The inner waist was adjustable.


The fit was good on all the short sleeve shirts, and these pants, with some room to grow!


Mesh Awesome Tee ($18) Holy moly, that isn’t a camera trick, this thing is BLINDING! This is a great style for boys and were it not short sleeved (sorry, I promised I wouldn’t, but I did!), we would have kept this one.


Knit Jogger ($22) My son absolutely loves joggers, and I love the marled look of these.


They were absolutely gigantic. The other pants were in size 6, and these were 6/7, which likely has a lot to do with it. He has many similar from FabKids at a better price, and a nice handful from Osh Kosh, so it was hard for me to consider these, even before the try-on.


Long Sleeve Tee ($18 each) Finally, a long sleeve shirt! We surmised that perhaps they were for under short-sleeves wearing, but they weren’t fitted enough for that purpose.


Plus, these shirts are crazy thin.  Rockets of Awesome says that their clothing ($12 to $36 per item) supposedly compares to clothing in the $40 to $120 range. I just don’t see that here. In my boxes I would really appreciate the kind of basics that are now hard to buy, even at retail, like liner shirts for underneath all those short sleeves, or camisoles for girls.  Why they’re so hard to find, I really don’t know, because I would for sure buy them.


Skinny Jean ($26) I liked the great washed look of these jeans, and they were full-featured for the price.


I didn’t understand the pre-destroyed back heel section.rockets-of-awesome-fall-2016-4

While I think there’s a lot of places to be ironed out in this subscription, the clothes do look great.

Oh, but that closure. We explained that it was only for trying on, and not for keeping, because our son absolutely will NOT wear any pants with a button closure.

My experience with the boys’ box was a bit of a downer. Half the clothes were unseasonal, some of the sizing was really off, and the button issue for little boys’ clothes was weird! While I love the ease of use of this subscription, I have the same criticisms as the girls box – 5 days is too short to decide when you are busy with multiple kids, the pricing is really on the high side for own brand clothing (may as well use one of the designer styling services which we do love!), and there’s no discount for keeping some substantial portion of the box. Plus, I have a personal issue with getting multiples of the same plain item – I always think it’s weird and sort of a waste of an item in the box! Unlike the girls box, there were no “have to have it” items for us here. For a company with $7 million dollars in VC funding I expect that you would now be able to see your style preferences, update them, and change sizes (kind of an important thing in a kids’ clothing subscription!).

Now, I’m willing to change my mind about this – if THIS shirt had showed up, it would have been a have-to-have-it situation! I think kids clothing subscription boxes make sense when the value is totally amazing and/or the styles are totally amazing. We did return every single item from this box but we’ll get another one to see how this subscription grows.

Visit Rockets of Awesome to subscribe or find out more!


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