Ready, Set, Go Box November 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Ready, Set, Go Box  is a new Preschooler subscription box filled with snacks, games and toys. For $27.95 per month, your child will enjoy doing activities that are both educational and easy to travel with on the go!

A welcome letter from the founder of Ready, Set, Go Box with a reminder that everything needs supervision when used by a toddler (really, everything!).


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The Pack List notes everything in the box — it also has a notation by those items that require a bit more adult supervision.

The information card comes with details about each item included and why it’s great!


Looks fun from here!


Everything in my November 2016 Ready Set Go Box!


SNAX! Our toddler gave a hearty seal of approval (said seal being sloppy, wet, and adorable) to each of these.

Clif Kid Organic Z Bar ($1.20):  His Clif Kidz addiction is strong and for good reason – tasty and mom approved!

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn ($0.18): Popcorn is a great snack that lasts.  It’s for a little kids to grab and eat, and the ingredients are refreshingly simple.

YumEarth Gummy Bears ($0.67):  What baby says no to gummies?  Not this one!  This was the first thing he went for!


Magnetic Maze: This bright green frog is actually a maze – colored metal balls are sealed inside and you use the attached magnetic wand to solve the puzzle.


This durable toy was a big hit — once he figured out how to drag the balls with the magnet, he kept returning to it to play some more.


Coloring Pages:  The box comes with a couple kid-friendly coloring scenes.

24 Pack Crayola Crayons ($4.11):  Yay for brand name crayons!  This big 24 pack gives the kids a lot more to work with than the standard 8 pack.  Plus, they obviously outlive the coloring pages — we used them to refresh our big ‘ol bucket of crayons.


Purell Watermelon Splash Hand Sanitizer (~75¢):  This stuff comes in handy — it’s a diaper bag essential that goes with us anytime we’re out.  The watermelon scent is nice, and it masks a bit of the initial alcohol odor.


The Wikki Stix Book of Wiggles, Squiggles, and Curlicues ($10):  These waxy sticks are fun to twist, bend, and mold into different shapes.  Little kids can crinkle them up, and more advanced users can create cool sculptures.


The Wikki Stix come with a book that leads your child through several simple crafting exercises using the Wikki Stix to complete the scenes.


We had a bit of fun with this one, but it was really tempting to use all the Stix at once!


Melissa and Doug Water Wow! Color and Shapes Water-Reveal Pad ($7.92):  Each of the four boards in this flip book has four pictures covered with an opaque sheet of film that becomes transparent when wet — your kid uses the water pen to reveal the hidden pictures and patterns within each section of the page.


This was really easy to use, and the pen device held the water leak-free!


Our son had a great time with the book — it dries in minutes and is ready to use again and again.


Fall Craft:  The craft was constructing a not-so-scary scarecrow.  The box included everything needed — we even used the packing material for the straw!


My son’s a little too young to do this unassisted, but he made sure to help with every step.


The scarecrow is mounted on a stick, so you can plant him in flower pot or carry him around.  My son was so proud of himself for making this!

We had a great time with this box!  Everything in it was well chosen for the young audience.  All of the snacks included were favorites among the kids in our household, and the activities (other than the squiggle-using scarecrow) were low-mess and largely self- contained.  I liked that all the items were easy to do and the appropriate difficulty level for the target age range of 3-5 years.

Visit Ready, Set, Go Box to subscribe or find out more!


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