PastryBase Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2016

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PastryBase is you monthly baking fix delivered! They send you everything that you need to make a fabulous seasonal dessert. They provide the mixes, all natural decorations, and tools.


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The ingredients arrived beautifully packaged in cheesecloth and tied with a fancy string and flower. They provide pure, premium ingredients that include unbleached, unenriched and unbromated flours, aluminum-free baking powder, imported Belgian cocoa, real vanilla beans, no preservatives, no additives, no synthetic dyes, or chemicals.

pastry-base-8 pastry-base-9

The recipe is conveniently printed with step-by-step instructions and nice pictures to walk you through the baking process. It was also already slipped into a recipe-notebook-ready plastic page protector.


Pastry Base has a blog and an online store where you can get individual boxes or order your subscription. Single boxes are $40, a three-month subscription is $35 per month, and a six-month subscription is $33 per month. Also, shipping is free on subscriptions and baking kits priced $33 and above.


This card was in the box and invited us to share our experience with the Pastry Base box for a chance to win a gift card.

I love that they included a note to remind us to reuse the cheesecloth. I love how practical it is as a reusable packaging.


The box came with standard white cupcake liners for actually baking the cupcakes in and then pretty frilly brown ones to display your creation in.



Preheat the oven. Measure out your ingredients. Put the liners into the cupcake pan (the white ones).


Each bag of ingredients was well sealed and labeled, including detailed ingredients and weight.


The back of the mixes also had the instructions reiterated.


pastry-32 pastry-33


Mix the Pumpkin Spice Mix with your ingredients from home (the eggs, water, and oil).

Just look at that color on those egg yolks. Free range (like the chickens are in the backyard right now) eggs.



Pour the batter into the liners, bake and then cool completely before icing.


This is the Brown Sugar Buttercream Frosting Mix. It’s ready to go, just add butter and a little water.


The back of the buttercream mix had the recipe instructions on it too.



Cream the butter, add the buttercream frosting-mix and blend.


They even included the piping tip and a piping bag to decorate the cupcakes. They recommend that you use the cup-fill method to get your icing into the piping bag, but I prefer my way.


So, first, you lay out a piece of cling wrap and then plop some of the icing into the center of it. Like this.


Then you fold over the cling wrap on the diagonal and seal it around the icing. Like this.


Then you roll the icing up in the cling wrap, hold the ends and spin it (think peppermint candy wrapper).


Then you tie one end shut like this. (It keeps the icing from coming out the back of the piping bag). Leave the other end untied to drop into the piping bag.


Then you just drop the open end of the twisted cling wrap into the piping bag, pull the end through the tip and then use scissors to cut off the excess cling wrap that is sticking out of the tip. When you are done you just pull the cling wrap out and throw it away. (Your bag will still be clean if you want to reuse it.)


These fancy sprinkles with all natural ingredients were in the box to decorate our fancy cupcakes. They were sparkly and beautiful and I was surprised by their vibrant colors considering the all natural dyes.

pastry-4 pastry-3


Frost the cupcakes!!! They included pictures and instructions for piping rose cupcakes and flower cluster cupcakes.

pastry-base-3 pastry-base-4

And, to display the cupcakes there was a basket with decorative leaves and a plastic display base that fit perfectly in the basket.

pastry-7 pastry-6

Didn’t they turn out lovely?! They were so pretty that we had to share them. We have new neighbors, so me and my entourage of five kids took this over to welcome them to the neighborhood.


And, there were five cupcakes left for the kids to decorate. Pastry Base even included Popsicle sticks (for the kids to spread their icing), sprinkles and cereal bits just for the kids to decorate with.


I think that they did pretty good. Don’t you? (One kid ate theirs before the picture could be taken.)

Pastry Base subscription baking box was a delight to make and even more of a delight to eat. I love that the end result was pretty enough to be gift-worthy and there was still enough cupcakes for our family to sample. Pastry Base made gourmet baking easy and fun.

Have you tried Pastry Base?  What delicious treat did you make?
Visit PastryBase to subscribe or find out more!


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