Olfactif November 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Olfactif is a monthly fragrance sampler subscription box that sends hard-to-find niche perfumes. Every month you’ll receive 3 samples, each of which contains 15-20 applications of an independently designed perfume. Along with every $18 subscription box you receive, your account will be credited with an $18 voucher to use on fragrances from the store. If you purchase a full bottle of perfume each month, the subscription sampler is free.


DEAL: New members get $3 off on their first box with coupon code FRIEND3!


Olfactif focuses on niche fragrances, unique scents produced with higher quality and harder-to-find ingredients than you would encounter in a department store. They offer both a unisex scent sampler (for women and adventurous men) and a men’s fragrance sampler with more masculine scents. You can check out our reviews of Olfactif Men here.


Each sampler has a card that offers suggestions on how best to appreciate the fragrances: since scents develop over time on the body, don’t just assume your first experience will be your last! Spritz the fragrance on and smell it at different times to fully appreciate all that the artist intended to express through the scent.


Each month, Olfactif includes an information card about the fragrances. The theme for November is “Master Class.”

The information card gives the scent notes of each perfume, but keep in mind that fragrances may smell completely different on everyone due to our unique chemistry.

Olfactif November 2016 Master Class box (all prices listed are for full bottles, available for purchase from Olfactif):

Molinard Figue ($65 full size) is an aromatic fruity scent that is lovely but also a bit hard to describe. My favorite fruit is the fig and I grew up with a couple of trees in my backyard and I’m not sure that it smells like that to me. It does, however, smell gourmand with a green note that gradually fades to a sweet scent before disappearing all too soon, just like the season of this delicate, delectable edible. I love this scent and have been spraying it liberally and often.

Juliette Has A Gun Mad Madame ($117.60 full size on Amazon) is a walk on the wild side! I am not a fan of rose but I’m not really getting that at all in this chypre scent. I think this crazy lady has possibly had a bit too much to drink since she smells a bit like red wine, maybe in sangria form. There is a musky animalic touch to this and my husband liked this one on me the best. I could smell a touch of it at the end of my workday but it wasn’t overly strong. It is mature without being old and I liked it!

Parfum d’Empire Tabac Tabou ($160 full size), an oriental fougere, was very sweet to me, a honeyed floral with a touch of spice. Don’t let the tobacco connotation fool you – this isn’t a smokey cigarette but more of a stroll through a field of bee hives in the deep south. The final underlying scent is a bit soapy as well. I find it both fascinating and fear-inducing that this scent smells different every time I spray it on but so far I like it. Just goes to show that sometimes a scent can vary even on the same person depending on whatever factors are in play at any given time.

I have really enjoyed my Olfactif subscription! The scents are definitely unique and I loved exploring perfumes that I otherwise would never have discovered. They definitely don’t smell like the ones at Sephora and I adore their uniqueness. I change my fragrance daily and may match it to the weather, my outfit, or how I am feeling in the morning so this subscription is perfect for people who can’t commit to one fragrance or who are looking for something spectacular and out of the ordinary.

Have you tried Olfactif yet? What are your favorite types of scents?

Visit Olfactif to subscribe or find out more!


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