Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome October 2016 Subscription Box Review

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The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is a monthly subscription box offered by That Daily Deal. That Daily Deal says that “The boxes will vary GREATLY month to month. Although we generally are relevant to the season etc, they are not “curated” to a theme like “let’s garden!” or “Let’s get physical!”. There are a lot of boxes out there that focus on that aspect, but ours is blowing your mind with variety and value :)” The box is huge! This company is a company that is not afraid of shipping costs. The box in the above picture is $24.99. Shipping is free!!!

My son loves when this box shows up. Just look at this smile! He’s always willing to help with testing things out….even make up!

So what did we get?

Would you like to see?


My first item is perfect for this Halloween season! It is a Zombie Apocalypse Heat Change Mug ($12.99). It is a great gift for a Walking Dead fan too. The zombies appear whenever there is a hot beverage in the mug.


Check it out!

What can be our next item??


It is a Party Tasting Spoon Set ($15.45). This is great for small dinner parties. They are ceramic, so be careful! I will probably be using this in my upcoming Thanksgiving dinner if I can get it away from the future chef in the family (my youngest). What food ideas do you have to put in the bowls?

WHO LOVES POPCORN??? In the box was a Star Wars Awakens Metal Bucket ($4.99). This bucket can be used for popcorn at the movies, ice bucket, or a small garbage can. Another perfect gift idea for a Star Wars fanatic. I am saving mine for movie night at the house… I can just smell the butter popcorn now.

I don’t know about you but I can never have too many reusable grocery bags. So this next item was a delight to see. I received 2 new grocery bags called Grab Bag Clip-To Cart Shopping Bags ($7.95).  These convenient bags clip right to the cart and carry up to 40lbs. I used one yesterday and it easily carried a very large can of tomato sauce, 3 two liters of soda, and other small cans. Not a single rip! Then when I was done, I folded it up for easy storage. My other bags I just stuff into each other. I recommend these bags for small shopping trips and 2 bags can easily fit on 1 cart. Get to shopping!


My next item is a Lewis N Clark Ereader Light ($6.98). It attaches to your e-reader to add additional light for  night reading or traveling in the car. It rotates 90 degrees for easy positioning and custom screen illumination. I do not have an eReader, so I will use it to illuminate my books at night.


I think it works great for books too.


My last item is a little thing to add to the kitchen but I really needed one. I was really happy to see this in the box – a Evriholder Pot Handle Holder ($6.99). It is made of silicone and is dishwasher safe. The holder is heat resistant up to 500 degrees and fits over most handles. I recently tried it out on my cast iron pan. I could still feel some heat coming through but it worked really well with it and gave me a better grip on the handle  than I would have with a pot holder.

There was a scratcher for sister site too. I only got 5% off my next order.

And a Hello Fresh Coupon (I received 2 this month). Here are our coupons if you want to check them out for $40 off your first box: 7UT7K8.

Also included were some inserts about this month’s special items and next month’s items. I hope I get the Echo dot next month!

This subscription is $24.99 a month and the items in this box surpassed the cost.

What did you think of the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome?

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  • sweepswins

    I can’t remember everything that was in mine, but I know I didn’t get the reading light, tasting spoons or earbuds. I do know we got bacon wrapping paper, and my Star Wars thing is a different design. Just can’t quite remember what else was in the box (my grandson and daughter were involved, and some of it has departed with the grandson). It’s definitely an interesting assortment.