Ladybug Magazine October 2016 Subscription Review

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Cricket Ladybug Magazine is a magazine that contains an assortment of stories, poems, songs and activities for children between the ages of 3 and 6. Written and illustrated by some of the best contributors in their fields, Ladybug magazine is designed to instill a love of reading in young children. Yearly subscriptions to the ad-free paper magazine cost $33.95 and include 9 issues. Shipping is free in the United States and $15 for Canadian orders. Alternatively, digital subscriptions are available for $9.99 each year. A small discount is available for those who subscribe for two years up front.


My son got very excited reading this introductory card to his new subscription. His own stories? He couldn’t wait!


One of my son’s and my favorite activities to do together is to create our own joint stories just before bedtime. We each take turns adding a sentence to the story to see where our imaginations take us. I’m excited that this subscription will help foster his love for storytelling further.


The cover to October 2016’s Ladybug magazine is seasonally appropriate and filled with wonder and magic. My son loved it!


Inside, he was happy to discover an I Spy game and a cute story about trick or treating. In it, the trick or treaters see their neighbors as the characters depicted by their costumes.


After a lovely poem about raccoons and a sweet story of a young girl visiting a farmer’s market, my son found another fun game: figure out what vegetables and herbs were used to create this friendly fellow!


After inspecting his pumpkin friend, my son and I sang “The More We Get Together” together. How fun! Although my son was disappointed to learn that that was the only song in the magazine, he was delighted to learn that the next article was about pill bugs.

When my son was younger, he was fascinated by pill bugs. Once, on a hike, we stopped for 30 minutes just to check out the cute critters. We were both excited to learn more about them. Once we were done, my son was thrilled to find a maze. He helped the friendly pill bugs get where they needed to go.


After three more cute poems that encouraged movement and a story about a mouse who makes his own robot costume for a Halloween parade, my son was thrilled to construct a couple of robots of his own!


They turned out great!


My son finished up a fun afternoon reading a funny dialogue between a raccoon and lady bug and a thoughtful, industrious dialogue between a girl and her cat.


My son very much enjoyed reading through the stories and poems in his first issue of Ladybug magazine. All of the prose was seasonally appropriate and fun. My son also enjoyed completing each of the activities in the magazine. He can’t wait for the next issue of his magazine to arrive in the mail.

Have you tried Cricket Ladybug Magazine? Does your child like it as much as mine?


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