Herb Stop Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2016

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Herb Stop is a locally owned small business out of Pine, Arizona that offers the Aroma Box, a monthly essential oils subscription box. Master Herbalists Leilah Breitler and Natalie Hajdu strive to ensure that all their ingredients come from reliable and ethical sources. Love that! And, all their essential oils are 100% pure.

For the phenomenal price of $19.99 (including shipping!!!), you get 4 bottles of essential oils (1/3 oz or 1/6 oz each), essential oil blends or roll-on essential oil  blends. Along with your aromas, you will receive a description of each oil, 3 tips on using each oil, as well as any safety information. Seriously, it’s just $19.99 for all of this!

FYI – The Aroma Box is always available through the end of the month!


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This card stock sheet gives you a detailed description of each of the oils.


Each oil is described and then it gives you an aromatherapy tip, a tip from Leilah (the Master Herbalist), a tip from Natalie (the other Master Herbalist), and any safety precautions. There is a nice color picture of each herb and the details are easy enough for the newest essential oil enthusiast to understand. I am keeping all of these in a file for reference. They have some great information!


The first oil in this month’s box was Ho Wood 1/6oz. A full size (1/2oz) is $16.99.

“Even though this exotic and warm essential oil is related to cinnamon, it does not share the same scent profile.  However, the chemical composition of Ho Wood is very similar to the endangered Rosewood.  This essential oil is exceptional for perfumery and as a tissue regenerative.  Ho Wood has earned a spot in this month’s AromaBox because of its mood enhancing, soothing, and even aphrodisiac qualities.”

The Aromatherapy Tip for this oil says that “Ho Wood adds a depth and calms powerful top notes. Add a few drops to your favorite blend and watch it transform!”


The next oil in the box was Lavender (1/6oz).  A full-size 1/3oz bottle is $7.70.

“When you say essential oils, immediately we think of Lavender! This “Swiss Army Knife” of an essential oil has 1001 uses and is the most versatile essential oil that belongs in every essential oil kit.  Lavender appears in this month’s AromaBox because of its use for insomnia, irritability, relaxation, balancing and calming.  Lavender can be used for everything from pain and inflammation to insect bites and acne.”

Woohoo!!! I was so excited that this month’s AromaBox included lavender!!! I love (who doesn’t?) the scent of lavender. I love to use lavender oil as a scent addition to homemade laundry detergent or to dryer balls to add the scent to my laundry. But, I did not know that you could use it to help treat acne. That is why I liked Leilah’s tip for this oil. “Apply Lavender to skin blemishes and unwanted scars by placing 1 drop on a q-tip and dabbing the affected area. Lavender is a beautiful and gentle oil that can be used – sparingly – neat (without dilution) on small problematic areas of the skin.”


The third oil in our box (remember there is always three oils and a roll-on) was Vetivert 1/6oz ($16.00).

“This rooty and powerful essential oil is used by herbalists for muscular pain, digestion, immunity, and is referred to as “the oil of tranquility.” Vetivert makes a splash in this month’s AromaBox because of its ability to ground spacey and nervous individuals, calm anxiety, aid depression and promote restful sleep. This profoundly grounding essential oil is also very beneficial for individuals suffering from hyperactivity and concentration impairment.”

This oil was very viscous or thick and I had to remove the dropper insert from the bottle to get it to come out. For this reason, the tips all include recommendations of things to combine the oil to thin it and to soften the scent. (The Southern girl in me thought it smelled good, like a freshly turned over peanut field.) Combining suggestions included coconut oil, sesame oil, juniper or lavender essential oil.


This month’s roll-on was Peace Potion ($16.95). Its ingredients include bergamot, orange, lavender, ylang-ylang, cedarwood, vetiver, and vanilla in a base of pure golden jojoba oil.

“Peace Potion was created for times of stress, tension, anxiety, and overwhelm. The essential oils in Peace Potion have been used successfully in aromatherapy to lessen the effects caused by these powerful emotions. Each essential oil was carefully selected to evoke a sense of calm and peace, as well as to center the mind, body, and emotions.”

I liked Natalie’s tip for this roll-on. “This blend creates a sense of peace and calm and clears away your daily stress.  Apply this blend to the bottoms of your feet before bed and download the day!” I tried this as soon as the box arrived and it really helped! I no longer wanted to kill anyone.  I jest, but it really did have a soothing effect.

As usual, this month’s Herb Stop Aroma Box does not disappoint. It is always a great value for the price. (It’s only $19.99 if you missed that.) And the array of peace-inducing oils was just what the doctor ordered (so to speak) for this homeschooling mom of five. Whew. I’m going to go put more in the diffuser now.

What did you think of the Aroma Box?

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